Linda Thompson book to be released August 2016

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Linda Thompson is well known to Elvis Presley fans around the world as being the woman Elvis chose to date, for a period of years, after Elvis seperated/divorced from Priscilla. But her life story is not limited to being one of the great loves of Elvis (which she was).

People email me around the world, to and, asking why I don’t have photos/videos/blogs/audio/etc. about Lisa Marie and/or Linda Thompson. My answer has been, and will forever be, that Lisa Marie has her own (blessed) memories and she has forums in which to tell her story. Thus it is not my place to interject concerning a father and his daughter.

Pertaining to Linda Thompson she also has her own story and forums in which to share and/or tell her story and I trust the judgment, and wisdom, of Linda Thompson.

My observations concerning Linda Thompson is that she really loved, and cared for above and beyond, Elvis. She is (including but not limited to); very intelligent, (no disrespect intended) but a beautiful person/woman, quick witted, funny, fashionable, loyal, trustworthy, a successful and talented writer including several beautiful songs such as “my grown up Christmas list” which, in full disclosure, is one of my favorite “contemporary Christmas songs”.  Personally she is a wonderful mother and grandmother and she exudes a spiritual (positive) spirit and can (literally) light up a room.

Her new book, scheduled to be released in August of 2016 per Amazon, is entitled “A little thing called life”. Her is the direct link for pre-ordering/ordering Linda Thompson book released August 2016. I pre-ordered her book via Amazon and look forward to receiving it,  and reading it, and I am thankful that she opted to share aspects of her life with the world. Doing so is a brave and honorable thing.

I remember first seeing Linda Thompson back in the 1970’s a couple of times and then (sadly) during Elvis’ funeral with her (if my memory is correct) mother. The first few times I saw her she was immaculately dressed and affectionate/supportive of Elvis publicly and vice versa. But when I saw her at Elvis’ funeral she was (justifiably so)…devastated. Yet she was doing everything she could, with a grace and loving heart, to comfort Lisa Marie and Vernon Presley (who was beyond crushed and it was very moving/touching to see how many friends/family members/co-workers/relatives/etc. were doing everything they could for Vernon. But, his sorrow went to his marrow). His heart. His soul. He loved his son and I don’t know how he was able to get through Elvis’ funeral and the months afterward until he (sadly) died.

Interestingly Linda’s older brother, Sam Thompson, worked  in a security capacity for Elvis from 1972 until 1976 (approximately when Linda Thompson and Elvis ended their relationship). Sam Thompson went on to have a successful career and I wish him continued success in all of his personal and professional endeavors.

I have always encouraged Elvis Presley fans to; reach out, support, let them know how much they are respected and appreciated, add their various works to their collection(s), seek out, and acknowledge their lives and their sacrifices (which include the sacrifices of their family/loved ones). These sentiments are, of course, applicable to Linda Thompson.

I have always believed that Elvis Presley fans are the most loyal, and diverse, fans in the world. I hope that they, and tens of thousands of others, purchase her book – encourage family/friends to do so – and share their feedback via social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.).

I say this (in part) because Linda Thompson has had a unique life , and is not solely about Elvis but includes aspects about Elvis from her firsthand perspective, and any endeavor she is involved in, in my opinion, is a worthwhile endeavor and should be very interesting. I look forward to reading her book and I am thankful she took the time to write this long awaited book.

Take care and may God bless you and yours…always.


Jeff Schrembs

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Fathers Day 2016 – Elvis Presley as a Father

cool shirt   There are many friends, and authors who eloquently have written about this aspect of Elvis’ life, (i.e. Marty Lacker, Red West, Sonny West,  Alanna Nash, Billy Smith, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling, etc.) who were with Elvis when Priscilla was pregnant (from May 1, 1967 to February 1, 1068) – when Lisa Marie was born – and for the 9+ years Lisa Marie was  with her Father (as he sadly died on August 16, 1977).

There is not a shred of a doubt that Elvis loved Lisa Marie from; the moment it was confirmed Priscilla was pregnant, to every kick and movement during those 9 months, to the deliver (note: back then the man was not allowed in the delivery room and they had to wait in a designated “waiting room”).

Also, in southern culture (which I know firsthand and is a prominent place of where I come from and how I look at certain things especially respect, admiration, appreciation, etc. for women) the Father was kept from seeing his wife and newborn child until both were cleaned up and “presentable”. Furthermore the Father, in this case Elvis, was given strict instructions about Priscillas expected recovery time which Elvis not only took to heart but he had a deeply held belief that God gives life through the mother and that her body is literally a sanctuary and the relationship between man and wife can change (still loving and caring but “different”) once a child is born.

Priscilla and Elvis married both wanted children but I don’t believe that Priscilla envisioned that she would become pregnant on her honeymoon. Thus, this celebratory time in their life soon turned to semi-bedrest and after the birth months of recovery.

Priscilla becoming pregnant was a great joy in Elvis’ life and he was a loving, concerned, and proud expectant Father. He doted on Priscilla and together they chose names should it be a son and/or a daughter.

1967 was a turning point in Elvis’ life as he was on the cusp of getting out of his movie contracts, that had been in place since his release from the US Army whereby Elvis starred in (approximately) three movies per year and had stifled Elvis’ creative juices and kept him from appearing before a live audience something that he truly loved…and needed,  and he was in better physcial shape.

But he, nor anyone else, had any idea that within the next two years he would catapult back into the forefront of the musical world and renew his superstardom first by his 1968 Singer TV Special (by the talented Steve Binder) entitled “Elvis” and then his successful return to live performances starting in Las Vegas.

Lisa Marie was the greatest love of Elvis’ life.

She had the best of Elvis’ features as well as those of her stunningly beautiful mother Priscilla. She was quick witted, smart, and (like her Father) seemed to be always on the move.

Thankfully, Lisa Marie has shared many of her stories/recollections about her and her beloved Father (i.e. in videos, books, interviews, photographs, etc.) which I encourage everyone to seek out and enjoy.

The photographs taken of Elvis and Priscilla in the hospital with newborn Lisa Marie show a smiling, animated, laughing, and joyously proud Elvis who took to holding, and fonding over,  Lisa Marie like he had done it his whole life. Of course Priscilla looks beautiful and her smiles are equally bright and the love she has for her daughter is evident in every breath… every movement.

Writing this blog will never do justice to the love Elvis had for Lisa Marie. I think their love was beautiful, consuming, unique, and eternal. I believed that he loved her so much and that when the marriage between Elvis and Priscilla began to deteriorate it adversely effected Elvis every moment of his life. I don’t believe Elvis ever thought that he would bring a child into this world and not be able to spend their lives together with an enduring triangle of love cemented by an ever present Mother and Father.

Lisa Marie has been blessed to have her own children who I am sure she loves greatly. Lisa Marie is a multi-talented woman who is sensitive, regal, and in so many ways strong/brave/fierce. She is married to Mr. Michael Lockwood since 2006 and by all accounts they are happy, committed, and loving parents. I wish her and her family all the best in life.

Elvis spoiled Lisa Marie with gifts, attention, freedom, etc. I believe he did this, in part, because of his childhood growing up with love but also in adjunct poverty. Also, I believe Elvis (like many of us do) had an internal clock that was known only to Elvis but precipitated his intentions and his actions.

Perhaps it was because his mother died on August 14, 1958. For whatever reasons Elvis, as he did in every aspect of his life, did what he thought best and the end result was that he raised (along with Priscilla) an  exceptional woman in her own right.

I believe that Elvis Presley was a good Father. That he showed his love to Lisa Marie and that his love has, in part, sustained her throughout her life.

Lastly, I believe that true love is not only essential but never ending. That true love is not defined by geography, time, space, or presence. That true love is the greatest gift God bestowed to us other than his son, Jesus. I believe that the love between Elvis and Lisa Marie exists to their very day and that, as it should be, it belongs between them.

** Note – though I possess many photographs of Elvis with Lisa Marie I made a decision decades ago that it is not my place to show them to the general public. That the only person who should control those moments encapsulated on film (i.e. photos and videos). I am also very appreciative to Lisa Marie for giving of her time to Elvis Presley fans worldwide and to carry on supporting worthwhile charitable endeavors as Elvis did throughout his life.

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The ULTIMATE Elvis Presley birthday list








Elvis Presley requirements – September 10, 2015 edition

Welcome to the September 10, 2015 edition of Elvis Presley requirements.

What are, or is, the “Elvis Presley requirements” you say?

Well, it is my (approximately) six decades of personal experiences of  collecting, reading, etc. all things of quality concerning the life, onstage and off, of Elvis Presley.

If you want to learn intricate details about Elvis, and even after these six decades I am still learning and/or rediscovering, I have some recommendations.

First and foremost you can garner a lot of information, music, videos, etc. by visiting the official Elvis Presley website of YouTube has a lot of content as well but don’t get distracted, or worse, about others that have adverse agendas and/or use attention getting subject lines that are hollow.

There are some exceptional books about Elvis. Some of the most interesting Elvis books are authored by Peter Guralnick] and some of my favorite books, which I recommend, are authored by Alanna Nash.

You can find exceptional books, articles, writings, posts, video projects, documentaries, etc. with contributions by (including but not limited to); Marty Lacker, Billy Smith, Red West, Sonny West, Jerry Schilling, Sandi Pichon, Joe Esposito, Sandie Kay Stevens, etc.

If you are looking for some great songs Elvis recorded, but are not widely acknowledged but are nonetheless exceptional, here are a few of my favorites; inherit the wind, wearing that loved on look, wonderful world, unchained melody, treat me nice, snowbird, walk a mile in my shoes, you’ll never walk alone, 500 miles, mona lisa (aka portrait of my love), trying to get to you (1968 edition), let yourself go, and edge of reality.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention and

Until next time…

WM ARMY Elvis hair short growing out sitting head down reading papers rare scale 10 WM Elvis with Priscillla 1967 Elvis drivng his Rolls Royce rareraereare WM HORSEBACK 1969 side shot with many others getting autograph

Rare photographs in regards to Elvis Presley via

From our website here are some rare, unique, and cool photographs.

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Take care and may God bless you.

WMM ARMY in full deress 2 girls one boy and wall WMM ARMY great color candid wearN elmer fudd hat WMM ARMY autographed RARE by beach perHps WMM 1977 August 16 ambulance leaving Gracelnad with woodpnael truck WMM 1970 Elvis with Emilio Muscelli who was matron of International HOtel WMM 1975 Onstage kissing brunette standin up front stage WMM 1960s Memphis Mafia Lamar far right WM rare Kenpo box WM RARE FAMILY Vernon and Glayds marriage cert WMM 1956 GRACELAND with fans RARERERERER

Elvis Presley’s “secret panel vehicle”

Courtesy of Fox News here is an interesting article about a vehicle Elvis supposedly used to venture out in public.

Legend has it that Elvis Presley wanted to be an undercover agent. Turns out, he may have been a good one.

Three-time NASCAR championship winning crew chief Ray Evernham recently visited Graceland to shoot a segment for his Velocity show AmeriCarna about the last car Elvis drove before he died, a  1973 Stutz Blackhawk III.

While he was there, the Graceland folks told him the vehicle he really wanted to see was tucked away in a warehouse out back. There, under a sheet, was a rusty old 1948 Chevrolet Panel Van that they say Elvis used to use to sneak out of Graceland when he wanted to avoid his fans and the press.

Apparently, the King used to put on a baseball cap and a jacket and slip out via a rear driveway when he wanted to go to the movies or shopping, and no one was ever the wiser. One time the truck even broke down on the side of the road and several members of the Graceland staff passed by with no idea that it was the boss that was stranded.

The Chevy has been hidden from public view since Elvis died, and is just the way he left it. Along with his famous 1955 pink Cadillac, it’s purportedly been in Graceland’s collection the longest.

Check out Fox Car Report’s interview with Ray Evernham to hear more about the Chevy, and his thoughts on his former teammate Jeff Gordon’s retirement from NASCAR. The second season of AmeriCarna kicks off on Tuesday, February 17th.

Elvis Presley versus Michael Jackson

Elvis Collector Info LOGO

For those who did not live through the era when Elvis Presley was alive will never appreciate all of the talents that Elvis had. In every category of entertainment Elvis was unsurpassed. Here is a quick checklist.

Acting – Elvis was the ONLY movie star who made money (gross and net) for the studio in everyone of his movies.

TV – Elvis’ 1950s TV appearances captured over 85% of the entire viewing audience. Elvis’ appearances on Ed Sullivan were groundbreaking and encompassed Elvis’ style, movement, passion, and his vocal abilities. Elvis 1960 Frank Sinatra Special, when Elvis was discharged from the United States Army in 1960, was the most watched TV show of that year. Elvis’ 1973 Aloha from Hawaii special was watched, via satellite, by over a BILLION PEOPLE. Keep in mind that the US population then was approximately 211 million people versus the approximately 365 million people today.

Concert Appearances – Elvis was the greatest live performer of all time. No backup distraction dancers. No special digital effects. No lip syncing. No auto tune. Just Elvis on a stage with a microphone and the fans went crazy. Elvis played to SOLD OUT concert venues, the largest in the United States including the 1970 Houston appearance in excess of 100,000 paid audience members, every year from 1969 until (sadly) his death in 1977. Elvis is known, for good reason, to be the “king of Las Vegas” because he earned it.

Record sales – Elvis was, and is, the ONLY singer to have number 1 records in (4) four decades (i.e. 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and again in 2002 (a little less conversation remix). Elvis is the ONLY singer to have number 1 records in the categories of; gospel, rhythm and blues, country, rock and roll, pop music, and Christmas. Elvis’ record sales, over a billion, have been “undercounted” as there has never been a true, and accurate, attempt to calculate all of his sales in the United States and worldwide. Elvis’ music was so diverse, and exceptional, that it diluted the amount of number 1 songs and top ten hits (i.e. BIllboard came out in 1956 and Elvis’ hits were put into multiple categories as no one would put a “label” on his vocal range and style).

Graceland – Elvis’ longtime personal residence in Memphis Tennessee is the second most visited home in the United States and has been since it’s opening in 1982. Only the White House has more visitors annually than Graceland.

Earnings – Elvis made millions in eras when the “medium family income” was $5,000.00 (five thousand dollars). Elvis’ has been the highest paid earner over 97%, in a (sadly) category of deceased, of the time from 1977 until this post 2015.

In every possible category Elvis Presley is, was, and forever will be the greatest singer/performer/entertainer who ever lived and that includes Michael Jackson. If these facts aren’t enough to convince you then please follow this blog and visit for more original articles by Jeff Schrembs.

Jeff Schrembs 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Scotty Moore talks about meeting Elvis (thanks YouTube)

Elvis Presley’s birthday on January 8, 2012 he would be 77 years old (by Jeffrey Schrembs)

Sunday, January 8, 2012 will be the 77th birthday of Elvis Aron Presley. It is simultaneously a day worthy of acknowledging and a day of sadness as it reminds us; what we lost when Elvis died on August 16 1977 and that our firsthand witness to greatness/history would be…no more.

On this day I say to the Presley Family, EPE, Marty Lacker, Red West, Sonny West, Sandi Pichon, Billy Smith, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling, etc. and to their family members; THANK YOU and may God bless you in all of your endeavors.

I have always believed that what we do in this life has direct consequences when our life is over. That we are not constrained by our physical presence herein this World. That our essence is defined by our very soul which is our true “compass” to what is right, what is wrong, and what is true.

With that in mind I know that where ever Elvis is that he is surrounded by those who loved him, gave birth to him, were related to him, and befriended him. I have always wished that time could be “rewound” so that Elvis truly knew, in this spirit and in his soul, the impact he made on people’s lives and how much they cared for him and appreciated what he did onstage and off. Some of my favorite stories, photos, audio files, video’s, etc. about Elvis are the most…simplistic.

Elvis bending down to speak to a child, Elvis posing with children sickened by Polio, Elvis willingly participating in supporting Cancer research, Elvis reaching down from the stage to hold a beautiful little blind girl while he Mothers arms reach up. I have always put great faith in the instinctual ability of children to be aware of other people’s intent and this “aura”.

Watching Elvis throughout his life gravitate towards children, stop what he was doing to spend time with them, to pose with pictures with them, and the intensity of the interaction between Elvis and children was – is – and forever will remain….priceless. It is a sincerity and a purity of heart that sadly is far too lacking in society today.

Elvis was not a “perfect person” by any means. That is not a slight against him it is just a fact. The only perfect person ever to walk this Earth ended up crucified on a cross after being beaten beyond recognition 21012 years ago.

I make this point because there should be a balance and a context when we speak about, or in this case write about, individuals and we should never manuever around the facts but embrace them for in doing so gives us an honest accord as well as a place of “agreement” in which to start honest debates.

Inasmuch as I am a diehard fan of Elvis I would trade it all in to spend just one moment with one of my loved ones who has died. I would trade it all in to be able to hold my children and to tell them I love them. For each child, I believe, is a blessing from God and that the day of their birth IS a special day for they, in whole and in part, are special.

To anyone who knew Elvis they would agree that Elvis would have gladly given up his fame, and fortune, if he could have his beloved Mother Gladys with him again. That is one of the reasons why I have been an “Elvis Fan” for these (approximately) six decades now. More important than the cakes, the wraped presents, or the location is the relationship while we are in each others presence and, equally as important, when we are not.

The wisdom of the saying of “the only time mankind can fully comprehend, and therefore manage, is the present”. So, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY # 77 Elvis”!

To Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide this is a bittersweet day but one worthy of celebration. The man was truly “one of a kind” and if the measure of a person is the intensity in which others care about them then Elvis, as he was in life, remains…the greatest.

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs

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