Some great photographs of Elvis – April 2014 (by Jeff Schrembs)

If you like to view rare photographs of Elvis there are some wonderful sites available.  A few are;, (Paul Litcher’s site), any of Russ Howe’s websites, and (being biased)



Jeff Schrembs

1960 movie theatrre candid 2girls  1969 curlycue hait great candid  Elvis-Right-Knee-Down-Elbow-on-Other

Upcoming Elvis Presley stamps 2015

For those of us who purchased sheets of the United States Postal Service, with “first date issue confirmation”, on January 8, 1993 (which would have been Elvis’ 58th birthday) for the princely sum of $.29 (twenty nine cents – those were the days) there are plans to issue a new Elvis stamp in 2015.

Here is the “2015 collectibles” list which includes the king of rock and roll….Elvis Presley.

ELVIS stamps 2015 collectibles

Planning a trip to Graceland where Elvis Presley resided (by Jeff Schrembs)

The winter cold is passing. Spring will (hurry up already), soon be upon us.

Now is the time, if you are able, to prepare to visit Elvis’ home in Memphis Tennessee known as Graceland.

Here is the direct link to help you with your planning.

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