When will the tears every dry? (by Jeff Schrembs)

When will the tears ever dry?


How long has it been?

For you? For me? When?

When last I saw your face

Or was it that time or that place?

So many memories, still so real

Sometimes the pain, is all I feel


I think of you so much it seems

Like a world somewhere in a dream

But I see you, standing there so clear

With these eyes forever altered, by so many tears

I don’t just think of times that were good

But where we were, where we stood



The heart it seems is a fragile thing

When it’s broken, the scars so…unclean

I see you in music, in moments, in time

I see with me, and I see me with you….sometimes

Music reminds me of you, but worst is photographs

They recall a time, of us happy, and of your laugh


All this time I’ve tried to go on, one day then another

I’ve fallen, I’ve stood, I’ve mourned, and I utter

Your name, your name, I call…but in silence

To say it aloud would it would be more than intense

Than I could possibly bare but I pray for the day

To be able to see you, to listen, to answer, and to say

That a love so strong that it endures all this time

Rests in my heart, my soul, and often in my mind


When we took our first step did we think, did we know?

That it would all fall apart, that the untrust…would grow?

Was it in a moment, or a series of time

That you truly left me in your heart or just in your mind?

For there is a big difference for the mind won’t let go

But if the heart is still beating, all can be made whole


It will take more than words, more than just thoughts

But of honest discord and not the battles we fought


Living for today includes learning from the past

But also of knowing that true love ever lasts

I know this, I feel it, from in and outside

Asking myself over and over…when will the tears ever dry?
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