Lightning in a bottle = Elvis Presley

Like many of the “baby boomers”, talk about an oxymoron because I feel anything other than babyish man age is a …., Elvis Presley made new records – toured throughout the United States – had movies that first ran in theatres and then on TV (yes we had THREE total TV stations growing up and everyone of them cut off at 11pm – those were the days) – and his music played on radio stations.

Inasmuch as I have a great knowledge, and affinity, for Elvis Presley the person (disclaimer – as much as you can learn from studying something for 6 decades with an emphasis on first had sources) Elvis was “lightning in a bottle” onstage.

Man he didn’t sound like nobody. He didn’t move like anybody. He didn’t walk like anybody. He didn’t look like anybody. He didn’t sing like anybody. He wasn’t raised like anybody. He was Elvis and he was wholly unique.

Throughout Elvis’ school years he went to dances/proms but never danced. He told his dates “I don’t like to dance and/or I can’t dance”. Since he was Elvis, even then,  I think he could have said anything and the dance/prom would have been thrilling/enjoyable for his dates. And yet onstage he moved with passion. With rhythm With grace, With melody. He moved and his voice sounded as good if not better live than his recordings. Another rare charistic.

This day is Elvis’ 81st birthday. My prayers go out to Lisa Marie, Graceland, Marty Lacker, Billy Smith, Red West, Sonny West, Sandie Kaye Stevens, Sandi Pichon, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling, and all of his loved ones and relatives for they shared their lives with Elvis as well as hopes and dreams. They, as did their families, rode the waves of Elvis’ greatest successes – his setbacks – his mood swings – his fears, etc. There is a true sacrifice, on many levels that last a lifetime, even when it comes to Elvis Presley.

My prayers go out to the loved ones, friends of, relatives of, those who knew Elvis and have (sadly) passed away. Out of respect we have honored them by name on our site but their contribution to Elvis’ life, and that of his fans, is as alive today as it was when Elvis breathed upon this earth.

If you want to know about Elvis you can watch many of his candid interviews, concerts, TV appearances, etc. One of my favorites is Elvis That’s The Way It Is followed by Elvis’ 1968 Singer TV Special entitled “Elvis”.

If you want to learn about the complicated and multi talented man I highly recommend seeking out, and supporting, these people: Marty Lacker, Billy Smith, Red West, Sonny West, Sandi Pichon, Sandie Kaye Stevens, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling, and the author of several exemplary books about Elvis by Alanna Nash. There are also some great Elvis Presley websites, many are listed on our site under the “links” page, and include Phil Arnold at and Russ Howe who knew Elvis personally and has been apart of many successful endeavors about Elvis.

As I end this post I am thankful to everyone who takes the time to visit this blog and our affiliated sites as well as our Officially recognized by Graceland Elvis Presley Fan Club of Elvis Collector Worldwide Fan Club.

As much as I know about Elvis it is nothing compared to the multi-talented and diametrical strong presence named Elvis Presley onstage and off. But I have enjoyed his music since I was a child and I share my insights herein.


Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs


Wishing Elvis’ Memphis Mafia, & family, a great Labor Day

* posted with permission of Jeff Schrembs

WM 970s n pajamas on3wheeler Graceland

On behalf of this blog, and a few of our Elvis Presley websites being &, we wanted to wish each member, and their family/loved ones, of Elvis Presley’s Memphis Mafia a great labor day weekend.

We will always have respect, admiration, and appreciation to; Marty Lacker, Red West, Sonny West, Billy Smith, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling and (who passed away but will never be forgotten) Lamar Fike. 

To those who are unfamiliar with these men, individually or collectively, we encourage you to seek out, support, etc. the; books, articles, interviews, youtube videos, etc.. Each one was a true friend, some for decades, of Elvis Presley and shared his; life, hopes, dreams, ups and downs, etc.. Elvis trusted these men as they were firsthand witness to the life of Elvis Presley onstage and off.

They are integral assets to the life, onstage and off, of Elvis Presley. They sacrificed relationships, time, etc. in order to assist Elvis both as co-workers and as friends. 

If you haven’t already, and want to learn more facts/context about Elvis, we encourage you to read the books authored by Alanna Nash, Sandi Pichon, Betty Harper, and Sandie Stevens. 

Take care and may God bless you.


35th year anniversary of Elvis’ death (August 16, 2012) by Jeff Schrembs (All Rights Reserved)

In a few weeks (i.e. August 16, 2012) Elvis fans worldwide will pay their respects in remembrance of Elvis death of August 16, 1977. The events of August 16, 1977 and the weeks following were a plethora of emotions; depression, uncontrollably crying, denial, hurt, despondent, angry, and most of all the questions of…”why”.

Since Elvis’ mother died on August 14, 1958, and Elvis believed that she was 42 years old when in fact she was 46, Elvis was devastated. He had been haunted by dreams, and steadfast belief that he would never “outlive momma”. Thus the first two weeks of August 1977 were days of self reflection and the realization that his health had deteriorated consistently since mid 1972. The health issues of his dad, the mourning of his mothers loss and the belief that he was going to be the same age she was when she died, the monetary stress, the federal investigation into the plane he purchased, and Elvis complained about “feeling bad to my very bones”.

Far too many people have taken sides about Elvis and his death. Some people blame Ginger Alden who was in Elvis’ bedroom and was the last person to see Elvis alive. There have been reports that Ginger had taken medications as it was her “time of the month”.

Others blame the authors of the book “Elvis What Happened” for Elvis’ death.

In both cases those who reach these conclusions omit fact after fact without ever realizing that our time on this earth is NOT determined by us…but by our maker. So the reality is that it was Elvis time to die.

Through the years I have seen hate speech levied at Ginger Alden and her family and also to Red West, Sonny West, and others who wrote parts of the book “Elvis What Happened”? I have always responded and stood up to each and every person spewing these untruths.

Elvis loved Ginger. Did he love her enough to marry her? I don’t know. Would they have stayed together had he of lived? Who knows?

Elvis loved Red and Sonny West. Red and Sonny West loved Elvis.

I believe that Ginger Alden, as any human would, and her family have (at times) been subjected to terrible comments/threats/name calling about her relationship with Elvis and that is sad.

Equally as sad are the vitriol hatred blaming Red and Sonny West for Elvis death.

Ginger Alden and her family did not deserve to have to be under attack all these years. Neither does Red and Sonny West and their family members.

I know making this statement will “offend some” but as a man of God I never expound on the “whys and ifs” but instead on the  life the person lead – their accomplishments – their dreams – their circle of family/friends, etc.

I believe that if Elvis was in the room, with Ginger Alden and Red and Sonny West, that there would be reconciliation – heartfelt discussion – and perhaps even healing of the pains/hurts and a commitment to focus on what was really important and that was the real – loving – caring  role that each of these people paid in the life of Elvis Presley.

August 16, 1977 was a sad day for me yet as I type these words I am saddened when I learn that people who loved Elvis, and Elvis loved them, are under attack in stead of being acknowledged, supported, respected, and having a consistent presence within EPE. I hope that other Elvis Presley Fans will support the sentiments specified herein and join me in celebrating the life of Elvis Presley…and those who were integral parts of his life.

Jeff Schrembs

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