Elvis goes Army photos January 2020 edition

WM ARMY right arm full extended ready throw dart footballWM ARMY Elvis pointing finger while eating rareraeraesraWM ARMY Graceland lawn3WM ARMY funny look on his face coollcandidWM ARMY rare shot Elvis in snow 2 others E is pointingWM ARMY train peepingWM ARMY manuevers binoculars

You said you wanted RARE

You said you wanted COOL

You said your wanted Elvis in the Army

You said you wanted 7 photos

Well, Jack now you got ’em



Wednesday January 8, 2020 & Elvis Presley

RARE Elvis 1971 driverslicense


In less than 30 minutes it will be the 85th EIGHTY-FIFTH anniversary of the birth of Elvis Presley. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Elvis!

For whatever reason(s) I am really…sad.

Take care and may God bless you.


Jeff Schrembs


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