Loving You "Mean Woman Blues" scene

This scene, which starts right after Elvis puts a coin in the jukebox, is nothing but RAW talent. From the style of singing, to the movements, to the (at the same time) graceful and masculine expressions.
Please watch this scene, especially starting from the TWO MINUTE mark, and let me know your comments afterward.
Loving You was a great movie for Elvis but (sadly) he would not watch this movie after his beloved Mother (i.e. Gladys Love Smith Presley) died on August 14, 1958 as she appeared in another scene in this movie clapping her hands while Elvis sang and danced (note: in blue jeans which he hated as he said “growing up blue jeans and overalls was all we had. Man once I had made a few dollars I said never again with them blue jeans. Flashy clothes onstage, as flashy as I can get em. Off stage I like nice clothes, clothes that fit, but I leave that flashy stuff for the stage otherwise they could stay home and listen to my records”). She was part of the crowd scene and is noticeable, you have to look close and quick, on the right hand side (watching the film) in a hat lovingly watching her son.
Even after these (approximately) FIFTY FIVE years since Elvis performed this song/dance in Loving You it stands the test of time and it was…all Elvis.
To find other interesting facts about Elvis, when you are not following my blogs (which I am TRULY THANKFUL TO YOU FOR) and/or visiting our websites, please check out books by; Alanna Nash, Marty Lacker, Joe Esposito, Sandi Pichon, Sonny West, Red West, Billy Smith, Lamar Fike, Jerry Schilling, Paul Litcher, Russ Howe, etc. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these authors, individually and collectively, and I am thankful for all of their; time, talents, passions, opinions, recollections, etc. concerning the life of the greatest entertainer who ever lived…Elvis Aron Presley.

Take care and may God bless you.

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