August 14th – Elvis beloved mother Gladys

Posted with the permission by request of Mr. Jeffery Schrembs

August 14, 1958 Gladys Love (Smith)Presley passed away. She was 46 years of age a fact that Elvis never knew as he was told she was 42 years old. Gladys had changed her age when she decided to marry Vernon Elvis Presley.

Elvis, who was in the United States Army, had received notice that GLadys was in bad health. He went through the routine military channels to get an authorized leave of absence to fly to Memphis to be with his mother. Shockingly Elvis leave of absence request was denied. Elvis threatened to go AWOL and he meant it. * Note – you can find some exceptional content on about Elvis’ Army days and every other aspect of his life from his birth to (sadly) his passing on August 16, 1977 at the age of 42.

Elvis arrived in Memphis on August 12, 1958 and went straight to the hospital and met with his father Vernon who passed along his worry, concern, and all he knew about her condition.

When Elvis arrived in Gladys’ room she lit up. Her appearance, and condition, seemed to improve. Elvis, though upset and tears flowing down his face still in his US Army uniform, held her hand and spoke to her in the language all their own that she/they had created since childhood.

Elvis was joined at the hospital by family members, friends, loved ones, etc. each held steadfast with their prayers and support for Gladys, Vernon, and Elvis. Firsthand accounts say that they, up until that time in his life, had never seen Elvis this sullen. This sad. Elvis stayed at the hospital as his emotional, mental, and physcial condition deteriorated. It seemed like the weight of the world was on his shoulders. An exhausted Elvis was told to go home to Graceland to rest. This request was repeated until Elvis relented.

On August 16, 1958 Elvis awoke to a ringing telephone call from Vernon urging him to come to the hospital telling him “it is bad”. Gladys Love (Smith) Presley died that day. The photographs taken during that time show a sadness, and a loss, from the depths of Elvis’ and Vernons’ very soul.

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