Review of “Wrong Again” (by Jeff Schrembs)

Review of “Wrong Again” (by Jeff Schrembs).

via Review of "Wrong Again" (by Jeff Schrembs).

Wrong Again (with lyrics), Martina McBride [HD]

Happy Thanksgiving 2012 from Jeff Schrembs

Personally, and on behalf of everyone at,, I wanted to say THANK YOU and wish everyone a; wonderful, happy, and blessed Thanksgiving.

To our military, and their loved ones/family members, THANK YOU for your service to our Country.

To my children, family, loved ones, and friends, please know that: I love you, I miss you, I pray for you, I long to see you, I want only the best for you, and you are always on my mind…and in my heart.

May God bless you all.

Jeff Schrembs

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