Elvis Presleys 83rd birthday 1/8/2018

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Elvis Presley was born 83 years ago today, January 8 1935, to Gladys Love (Smith) Presley and Vernon Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley is, was, and forever will be the greatest entertainer who ever lived. Fortunately, Elvis left behind three decades of exceptional works in; music, tv appearances, movies, and live concerts.

I believe that God grants us all blessings, talents, etc. for each of his is made by the hand and grace of God. Elvis pursued his talent(s) which was both brave and honorable. He never imagined, being born and raised in the throes of bitter poverty, that he could make a living signing let alone achieve the highest accolades in his various endeavors. I hope that everyone would pursue their talents/gifts for it stirs the…soul.

We are the last generation, as I have been an Elvis Presley fan these six decades now, who lived during Elvis’ lifetime. There is no substitution for that. It can’t be recreated for the decades in which Elvis lived were in periods of times that were wholly unique as was Elvis.


And a heartfelt thank you to Billy Smith, Alanna Nash, Sandie Kaye Stevens, Jerry Schilling, Russ Howe, Sandi Pichon, Martine Prizzo, Kathy Westmoreland, Linda Thompson, Paul Lichter, Phil Arnold, etc. I highly recommend that you seek out, support, obtain, tells others about, etc. the vast variety of exceptional works pertaining to Elvis’ life onstage and off.

Take care and may God bless you and yours always.

Jeff Schrembs


Why God took Elvis Presley on August 16, 1977 (part 1)

BIO Elvis with Gladys and Vernon teh WelcomeHome Tupelo concert cndidd  My heart, and prayers, remain with the; family members, friends, relatives, loved ones, etc. pertaining to Elvis Presley and his passing on August 16, 1977. I can’t imagine their burden nor their loss.

It has taken me (approximately) six decades now to formulate this post which is based up (literally) thousands of books, audio files, documents, interviews, conversations, emails, first hand account, real documentaries, etc. I have always put a premium on eyewitnesses, factual sources, facts, and context. No sensationalism. No monetary endeavors. Just me passing along unique/cool/rare/ content as I do on these posts and on http://www.ElvisCollector.info (premier Elvis Presley website with exceptional content) and/or http://www.ElvisCollectorWorldwide.freeforums.org (100% free Elvis Presley forum and though it remains in the beta testing stage we invite you to join).

To address the subject line of this post “Why God took Elvis Presley on August 16, 1977” we must look back to the day of his birth of January 8, 1935.

Gladys Love (Smith) Presley and Vernon Elvis Presley knew they were having a baby. One baby. They had no idea if it was a boy or a girl they just prayed for a healthy child. They even picked out names if it was a boy or a girl. I know the name they chose if it was a girl but that is not my story to convey publicly. But, the boy was to be named Jessie Garon Presley.

When Gladys went into labor a boy was delivered and it was perfectly formed except it (sadly) was not breathing. Gladys and Vernon were empty, lost, and consumed by their sorrow.

As the doctor, who back then made house calls, was gathering his things to leave Gladys said “I think there is another one”. The doctor, against his better judgement, did an examination and confirmed. An identical twin to Jessie was born, healthy, and breathing, and though their tears reigned their hearts gave thanks to God but they had a dilemma and that was “what to name this baby”? After all the doctor needed a name to put on the certificate/paperwork.

Within moments they settled on Elvis, which was Elvis’ fathers middle name, and Aaron which rhymed with “Garon” and paid homage to the biblical Aaron the older brother of Moses.

On January 8, 1935 through the stench of death and loss Elvis Aaron Presley was born into the world void of wealth, monetary means, but loved as much as any mother…ever. Vernon, in his own ways, loved Elvis but the love and bond between Gladys and Elvis started in the womb and would last (sadly) until her last breath.

To be continued…

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Elvis Presley’s “secret panel vehicle”

Courtesy of Fox News here is an interesting article about a vehicle Elvis supposedly used to venture out in public.

Legend has it that Elvis Presley wanted to be an undercover agent. Turns out, he may have been a good one.

Three-time NASCAR championship winning crew chief Ray Evernham recently visited Graceland to shoot a segment for his Velocity show AmeriCarna about the last car Elvis drove before he died, a  1973 Stutz Blackhawk III.

While he was there, the Graceland folks told him the vehicle he really wanted to see was tucked away in a warehouse out back. There, under a sheet, was a rusty old 1948 Chevrolet Panel Van that they say Elvis used to use to sneak out of Graceland when he wanted to avoid his fans and the press.

Apparently, the King used to put on a baseball cap and a jacket and slip out via a rear driveway when he wanted to go to the movies or shopping, and no one was ever the wiser. One time the truck even broke down on the side of the road and several members of the Graceland staff passed by with no idea that it was the boss that was stranded.

The Chevy has been hidden from public view since Elvis died, and is just the way he left it. Along with his famous 1955 pink Cadillac, it’s purportedly been in Graceland’s collection the longest.

Check out Fox Car Report’s interview with Ray Evernham to hear more about the Chevy, and his thoughts on his former teammate Jeff Gordon’s retirement from NASCAR. The second season of AmeriCarna kicks off on Tuesday, February 17th.

Elvis Presley’s birthday on January 8, 2012 he would be 77 years old (by Jeffrey Schrembs)

Sunday, January 8, 2012 will be the 77th birthday of Elvis Aron Presley. It is simultaneously a day worthy of acknowledging and a day of sadness as it reminds us; what we lost when Elvis died on August 16 1977 and that our firsthand witness to greatness/history would be…no more.

On this day I say to the Presley Family, EPE, Marty Lacker, Red West, Sonny West, Sandi Pichon, Billy Smith, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling, etc. and to their family members; THANK YOU and may God bless you in all of your endeavors.

I have always believed that what we do in this life has direct consequences when our life is over. That we are not constrained by our physical presence herein this World. That our essence is defined by our very soul which is our true “compass” to what is right, what is wrong, and what is true.

With that in mind I know that where ever Elvis is that he is surrounded by those who loved him, gave birth to him, were related to him, and befriended him. I have always wished that time could be “rewound” so that Elvis truly knew, in this spirit and in his soul, the impact he made on people’s lives and how much they cared for him and appreciated what he did onstage and off. Some of my favorite stories, photos, audio files, video’s, etc. about Elvis are the most…simplistic.

Elvis bending down to speak to a child, Elvis posing with children sickened by Polio, Elvis willingly participating in supporting Cancer research, Elvis reaching down from the stage to hold a beautiful little blind girl while he Mothers arms reach up. I have always put great faith in the instinctual ability of children to be aware of other people’s intent and this “aura”.

Watching Elvis throughout his life gravitate towards children, stop what he was doing to spend time with them, to pose with pictures with them, and the intensity of the interaction between Elvis and children was – is – and forever will remain….priceless. It is a sincerity and a purity of heart that sadly is far too lacking in society today.

Elvis was not a “perfect person” by any means. That is not a slight against him it is just a fact. The only perfect person ever to walk this Earth ended up crucified on a cross after being beaten beyond recognition 21012 years ago.

I make this point because there should be a balance and a context when we speak about, or in this case write about, individuals and we should never manuever around the facts but embrace them for in doing so gives us an honest accord as well as a place of “agreement” in which to start honest debates.

Inasmuch as I am a diehard fan of Elvis I would trade it all in to spend just one moment with one of my loved ones who has died. I would trade it all in to be able to hold my children and to tell them I love them. For each child, I believe, is a blessing from God and that the day of their birth IS a special day for they, in whole and in part, are special.

To anyone who knew Elvis they would agree that Elvis would have gladly given up his fame, and fortune, if he could have his beloved Mother Gladys with him again. That is one of the reasons why I have been an “Elvis Fan” for these (approximately) six decades now. More important than the cakes, the wraped presents, or the location is the relationship while we are in each others presence and, equally as important, when we are not.

The wisdom of the saying of “the only time mankind can fully comprehend, and therefore manage, is the present”. So, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY # 77 Elvis”!

To Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide this is a bittersweet day but one worthy of celebration. The man was truly “one of a kind” and if the measure of a person is the intensity in which others care about them then Elvis, as he was in life, remains…the greatest.

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs


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