Elvis Presley versus Michael Jackson

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For those who did not live through the era when Elvis Presley was alive will never appreciate all of the talents that Elvis had. In every category of entertainment Elvis was unsurpassed. Here is a quick checklist.

Acting – Elvis was the ONLY movie star who made money (gross and net) for the studio in everyone of his movies.

TV – Elvis’ 1950s TV appearances captured over 85% of the entire viewing audience. Elvis’ appearances on Ed Sullivan were groundbreaking and encompassed Elvis’ style, movement, passion, and his vocal abilities. Elvis 1960 Frank Sinatra Special, when Elvis was discharged from the United States Army in 1960, was the most watched TV show of that year. Elvis’ 1973 Aloha from Hawaii special was watched, via satellite, by over a BILLION PEOPLE. Keep in mind that the US population then was approximately 211 million people versus the approximately 365 million people today.

Concert Appearances – Elvis was the greatest live performer of all time. No backup distraction dancers. No special digital effects. No lip syncing. No auto tune. Just Elvis on a stage with a microphone and the fans went crazy. Elvis played to SOLD OUT concert venues, the largest in the United States including the 1970 Houston appearance in excess of 100,000 paid audience members, every year from 1969 until (sadly) his death in 1977. Elvis is known, for good reason, to be the “king of Las Vegas” because he earned it.

Record sales – Elvis was, and is, the ONLY singer to have number 1 records in (4) four decades (i.e. 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and again in 2002 (a little less conversation remix). Elvis is the ONLY singer to have number 1 records in the categories of; gospel, rhythm and blues, country, rock and roll, pop music, and Christmas. Elvis’ record sales, over a billion, have been “undercounted” as there has never been a true, and accurate, attempt to calculate all of his sales in the United States and worldwide. Elvis’ music was so diverse, and exceptional, that it diluted the amount of number 1 songs and top ten hits (i.e. BIllboard came out in 1956 and Elvis’ hits were put into multiple categories as no one would put a “label” on his vocal range and style).

Graceland – Elvis’ longtime personal residence in Memphis Tennessee is the second most visited home in the United States and has been since it’s opening in 1982. Only the White House has more visitors annually than Graceland.

Earnings – Elvis made millions in eras when the “medium family income” was $5,000.00 (five thousand dollars). Elvis’ has been the highest paid earner over 97%, in a (sadly) category of deceased, of the time from 1977 until this post 2015.

In every possible category Elvis Presley is, was, and forever will be the greatest singer/performer/entertainer who ever lived and that includes Michael Jackson. If these facts aren’t enough to convince you then please follow this blog and visit http://www.ElvisCollector.info for more original articles by Jeff Schrembs.

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