Prayers for Lisa Marie Presley, her children, and her family/loved ones.

Recently it has been (sadly) reported on and on about the details of Lisa Marie’s divorce proceedings. Having young children, and some over 18, divorce/custody issues are NEVER “fun”. It takes tolls each minute of each hour of each day. Lisa Marie Presley has to be strong for her children as their mother and her decisions will affect each of them throughout their lives.

I hope others will pray for Lisa Marie Presley and her family as well as for our fellow man. This world needs more forgiving, love, empathy, etc. for each of us carries¬†the weights of our decisions. Our actions. And our choices even when there is only one “choice”. We are so “busy” and inundated with bad news/evil far and away, we don’t convey our thanks/love to one another or to our maker which everything flows from.


*** this article was written by Jeff Schrembs 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ***

I added this, after thought and prayer, true story for context and the hope it will lead to more understanding. More support. More prayers. etc.

At nine years old, after staying with her father over summer break, on August 16, 1977, couldn’t sleep. Her father came into her bedroom, where Lisa was on her white oval shaped bed and consoled her – kissed her forehead – and said goodnight.

Hours later Lisa Marie learned of her father’s death through the wailing of her grandfather Vernon, the cooks, members of the Memphis Mafia, etc. it was chaos. Little 9-year-old Lisa Marie picked up the red phone in Gracelands kitchen by the 4 closed circuit cameras (black and white) and put her finger into the first hole (of the telephone number) and repeated this 9 times. Linda Thompson, who had been Elvis’ girlfriend from 1972 (approx) until 1976, answered and heard Lisa Marie say “my daddy’s dead…my daddy’s’ dead”. Linda asked to speak to an adult and confirmed this nightmare was real.

Grown men, with various black belts in the martial arts, wept and fell to their knees crying. Vernon was inconsolable and he was frail due to his age and deteriorating medical issues. Women were in a state of shock but still tried to comfort Lisa Marie.

At times Little Lisa Marie tried to comfort her grandfather but he was unable to respond as his heart was literally…broken.

Lisa Marie was surrounded by men and women she knew and scores of others she did not. She was told her mother, and Linda Thompson was flying into Memphis. Lisa asked if her father would be back from the ambulance ride.

Over the next (approximately) year she would see her grandfather Vernon (sadly) die. She attended his funeral a little more mature knowing the finality of death which she endured so many feelings/emotions/loss of her father’s death. Lisa Marie was traumatized x 10000.

Legally her mother, Priscilla, now became the executor of Elvis’ estate as Vernon had died and everything went to Lisa but she was a minor so until she was 18 Priscilla would oversee everything. When her 18th birthday came she wasn’t ready so she let her mother run things until Lisa was 21. At 21 she still wasn’t able so it was extended until Lisa was 25 years old.

Immediately upon her father’s death, there were stories written, tv shows about, newspapers full of, etc. the attacks (by so many through decades upon decades ) of hearing so many accused her father of being a drug addict. That he tried to kill himself.¬†That he was really still alive.

Lisa Marie is a talented, smart, and loving mother to her children. She never asked for this. Does anyone know how much time it takes to get over your father’s death? Or how that affects one’s decisions? One’s life? The same questions about her grandfather Vernon’s death? Keep in mind this was a very close family who openly shed tears for the death of Elvis and then Vernon. These tears were not limited to August of 1977 as for many they continue through the typing of this post.

I wish Lisa Marie, and her family, happiness – success – good health – stability – long life, etc. and that this divorce, and the monetary aspects, gets resolved very soon. Lisa Marie, like all others, should garner our sympathy and support for life is so very…very short.

When one, as this has been my experiences, falls in love and then marries before men/witnesses/God it is a beautiful thing. To have children born out of this love is a blessing. Hence, it is horrendous to have to go through divorce proceedings not only for the “adults” but also for the minor children.

No amount of money will heal the (temporary and permanent) scars on ones’ emotional state, mental state, physical state, parental state, and even the monetary state regardless of one’s last name (which in this case is beloved but brings forth far too much scrutiny, chatter, gossip, etc.) so facts and context matters but always secondary to what is right including the respect and appreciation we each should have for all of our fellow men including Lisa Marie.

Lastly, I don’t ask (with all sincerity and humility) others to pray, support, show compassion about. not feed into hurtful statements, etc about Lisa Marie Presley because of her name but…in spite of it.

Take care and may God bless you and yours…always.

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Prayers to Lisa Marie Presley divorce Michael Lockwood

Many national sources have confirmed that Lisa Marie Presley is divorcing her husband Michael Lockwood over the past few weeks. It saddens me anytime a marriage deteriorates as there are children involved and pains both private and pubic. I hope she is doing well and surrounded by loved ones with unconditional support.

On my Elvis Presley website,, I have taken the position that I would never post anything (i.e. photo, video, blog, article, story, etc.) about Lisa Marie Presley due to my respect for her and for the Presley family. I am, for better or worse, a man of my word.

But, I have seen far too many increasingly unkind comments about her divorce and she, nor anyone going through a divorce, does not need anyone judging her or adding to her emotional personal journey.

I have been married before. What caused me to marry? I was in love and we made a commitment. I would suggest that the same was true in her marriage. Why the divorce? I won’t speculate other than to say that divorce is NOT easy and, in this case and in other divorce cases, adults make decisions to end their relationship (including marriages) legally hence you have divorce.

Lisa Marie Presley is a very talented woman in her own right. She has done great things, including charitable endeavors, that are known publicly and others kept privately. She was born to the most famous man, other than Jesus, that ever lived. She didn’t ask for that. And by all accounts Lisa Marie is an exceptional mother and I applaud her for being such.

I am, and I encourage others to do so as well, keeping Lisa Marie in my prayers along with her family and there may come a time when she will talk about what happened but my prayers are not predicated on her doing anything.

I wish (now and always) Lisa Marie; great happiness, good health, long life, success, peace, stability, joy, beneficial relationships, love, respect, appreciation, etc. The same goes for each member of her family.

Life is never guaranteed in quality of and/or length of. God created us all so we should respect his works.

Thank you Lisa Marie for all you have done to help others and may God grant you success in all of your endeavors.

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs

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