Prayers to Lisa Marie Presley divorce Michael Lockwood

Many national sources have confirmed that Lisa Marie Presley is divorcing her husband Michael Lockwood over the past few weeks. It saddens me anytime a marriage deteriorates as there are children involved and pains both private and pubic. I hope she is doing well and surrounded by loved ones with unconditional support.

On my Elvis Presley website,, I have taken the position that I would never post anything (i.e. photo, video, blog, article, story, etc.) about Lisa Marie Presley due to my respect for her and for the Presley family. I am, for better or worse, a man of my word.

But, I have seen far too many increasingly unkind comments about her divorce and she, nor anyone going through a divorce, does not need anyone judging her or adding to her emotional personal journey.

I have been married before. What caused me to marry? I was in love and we made a commitment. I would suggest that the same was true in her marriage. Why the divorce? I won’t speculate other than to say that divorce is NOT easy and, in this case and in other divorce cases, adults make decisions to end their relationship (including marriages) legally hence you have divorce.

Lisa Marie Presley is a very talented woman in her own right. She has done great things, including charitable endeavors, that are known publicly and others kept privately. She was born to the most famous man, other than Jesus, that ever lived. She didn’t ask for that. And by all accounts Lisa Marie is an exceptional mother and I applaud her for being such.

I am, and I encourage others to do so as well, keeping Lisa Marie in my prayers along with her family and there may come a time when she will talk about what happened but my prayers are not predicated on her doing anything.

I wish (now and always) Lisa Marie; great happiness, good health, long life, success, peace, stability, joy, beneficial relationships, love, respect, appreciation, etc. The same goes for each member of her family.

Life is never guaranteed in quality of and/or length of. God created us all so we should respect his works.

Thank you Lisa Marie for all you have done to help others and may God grant you success in all of your endeavors.

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs

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