Review of Geraldo Rivera’s tv program “Elvis at 80”

I recently watched this one hour special that aired on November 28, 2014.

My reaction(s) are:

There was way too much about Elvis’ drug addiction.

The Jerry Schilling interview was sincere but there was an answer, pertaining to members of the Memphis Mafia, that (I am sure) was hard for Jerry to answer but came across as (a) not in full context and (b) deserving of a response by those members of the Memphis Mafia. I have long held that it is long past time when the members of Elvis’ Memphis Mafia reconcile and support each other in every aspect. Every year brings (sadly) news of another death of those who were; loved by, befriended by, worked with, related to, etc. Elvis Presley.

Geraldo has a long history of Elvis expose and I can attest, firsthand, that some of Geraldo’s past comments about Elvis (an example is “I never bought into that yes mam and no mam —t”). Interestingly, during Elvis’ lifetime there was an incident whereby member of the Memphis Mafia related that “Geraldo felt snubbed by Elvis”.

They should have allowed other members of Elvis’ Memphis Mafia, other than Jerry and George, to be apart of this program even if it was only a statement.

I know that anyone/everyone in the world will be pining to do an interview about anyone pertaining to Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday being January 8, 2015. There are many people of quality (including but not limited to; Marty Lacker, Red West, Sonny West, Billy Smith, Alanna Nash, Sandie Stevens, and Sandi Pichon) involved in Elvis’ life, onstage and off, and their input should be sought out in every instance.

In closing, I wish everyone a happy Hanukkah. A merry Christmas. And a Happy New Year 2015. May god bless you one and all.

Jeff Schrembs

Alanna Nash reports that Alfred (Al) Wertheimer has passed away

It is with a heave heart to have learned that Alfred (Al) Wertheimer (sadly) passed away today October 20, 2014.

I learned of his passing through my dear friend Alanna Nash.

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to Alanna Nash and those who were; friends and/or loved ones of Mr. Wertheimer.

Having amassed Elvis Presley photographs, for these (6) six decades now, I greatly appreciated the talent and artistry of Mr. Wertheimer who was able to capture magnificent candid photographs of Elvis circa 1956. The most famous of Mr. Wertheimer’s Elvis’ photographs was the one entitled “the kiss” where Elvis has his tongue out extended to a 50’s short hair cropped beauty against a wall.

Even after all these years the black and white photographs of Mr. Wertheimer, with my favorite being Elvis wearing his suit walking away from the train by himself heading home fin Memphis, Tennessee after being in New York., resonates.

The passing of Mr. Wertheimer (sadly) closes yet another chapter in the lives of those who played a pivotal role in the life of Elvis Presley. Hence, I do wish that Elvis fans worldwide will not only pay their respects concerning Mr. Wertheimer’s passing but to also reach out and support those who were friends and/or loved one’s of Elvis Presley. This list includes, but is not limited to, the following: Marty Lacker, Red West, Sonny West, Billy Smith, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling and Sandi Pichon.

Time proves, each day, that life is never guaranteed in length and/or quality. I will always be a fan of Mr. Wertheimer and I deeply regret that I was not able to meet him in person. Fortunately Mr. Wertheimer has left behind a body of works that are exceptional.

I know that God will grant the time to; mourn, acknowledge, praise, and then the time to heal.

For those seeking more information I refer, with sincere thanks and respect, you to contact Alanna Nash directly.

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs

Remembering Elvis Presley’s passing August 16, 1977

RARE signed promo 56 or 57


On August 16, 1977 we lost the greatest entertainer who ever lived…bar none.

Others lost their best friend. Some lost their employer. A Father lost a son and a grandmother her only grandson. A daughter lost her Father and the world lost a man who, though imperfect, rose up from bitter poverty and excelled, against odds, in his chosen profession for three decades.

My prayers go out to Elvis’ family members and to those, like the Memphis Mafia Members (specifically Marty Lacker, Billy Smith, Red West, Sonny West, etc.) and their family members, who were related to Elvis and/or shared parts of their lives with him.

To each of the “Memphis Mafia Members”, Sandi Pichon, and Alanna Nash I say thank you for putting aspects of Elvis life into various forums (i.e. written, videos, interviews, photographs, blogs, etc.) whereby we learn about the man (onstage and off)  and can recall events (highs and lows) that made up the fascinating story that is…Elvis Aaron Presley.

I encourage Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide to seek out their works, individually and collectively, and add these books – videos – publications – etc.. for in doing so your knowledge, and your collection, of Elvis will be greatly enhanced.

Take care and may God bless you.


Jeff Schrembs 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Book review of “Elvis Aaron Presley”

Elvis Aaron Presley by Alanna Nash, Billy Smith, Lamar Fike, and Marty Lacker (1996 reprint) is an excellent book.

This book can be found online as well as on


WHY you ask?


Well, I will tell you.


First and foremost these individuals were with Elvis, including Billy Smith who was Elvis’ cousin, for either (a) all of his life and/or (b) the vast majority of his life.


Secondly, Marty Lacker is an honorable honest and faithful friend of Elvis’ and been an Elvis Presley (facts both good and not so good) confidant since the early 1960s.


Lamar Fike was a funny, caring, and sincere man who never left a room before leaving his laughter/sense of humor on everyone. Sadly Lamar Fike passed away recently and our prayers remain with his family, friends and loved ones.


Billy Smith was with Elvis the day of his death and played racquetball with Elvis (as Elvis could not sleep). Sadly, Billy Smith was the last person on earth to hear/see Elvis sing a song (as Elvis played the piano which was outside his racquetball court in the same building and the song he played/sang was “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”).


Alanna Nash is the foremost author concerning Elvis Presley. Her writings are “sourced” and her writing style leads the reader effortlessly throughout this book and each of her books.


One of the great things about Alanna Nash’s writings are that she puts things into context that may be controversial but are necessary to fully examine various aspects of Elvis’ life onstage and off.


The stories contained in this book are memorable and the individuals who wrote this book are exceptional men (individually and collectively). They were proud of being Elvis friends and they loved him…and he loved them as well.


That alone, ladies and gentlemen, is reason enough to get this book and learn more about the world’s greatest entertainer and the man himself.


Take care and God bless.

Jeff Schrembs

The last living links to Elvis Presley (by Jeff Schrembs)

The Rolling Stones had a, justifiably so, hit song entitled “Time is on my side”. With each passing year we have learned that this is not so. Time will go on long after we physically leave this world.

On August 16, 1977 at the age of 42 Elvis Aron Presley died. His health (mentally, physically and emotionally) had been deteriorating since 1973. The greatest entertainer in history had died and the world was in mourning.

At the time of his death the various family members, and friends, rallied around Colonel Parker and Vernon Presley (who was inconsolable and in shock as well as having his own severe health issues) in a constant state of chaos having not only lost a friend – a loved one – but also (in many cases) their employer.

In the days immediately after they had no time to grieve as the swells, and the media coverage, filled the infamous Graceland gates with hundreds of thousands of fans. Flower shops for miles were sold out. Elvis last album, Moody Blue, sold 1 million copies within a week.

Elvis fans suffered in the heat and at night sweated as candles were held up and personal stories recalled.

I will never forget that day nor will I forget the legacy, and the ups and downs of being a fan, of Elvis Presley. Our generation is truly the last living links to Elvis Presley as sadly other generations can only read about him, learn about him, watch tapes of him, but never can comprehend the musical scene in which Elvis triumphed – went into the Army – did his first comeback – went into the movies for 9 years – did the 68 Special – started touring and performing live in Vegas – toured from 1970-1977 – and created a great body of songs that still resonate these (4) four decades later.

With each passing year (sadly) we have lost loved ones, friends, relatives, etc. of Elvis Presley, Recently we lost Lamar Fike and Myrna Smith. My prayers continue to go out to their family and loved ones.

As of this writing (June 2013) there remains essential players in the “Elvis Presley story” being; Marty Lacker, Sonny West, Red West, Billy Smith, Jerry Schilling, Joe Esposito, Sandi Pichon and even Priscilla. Lisa Marie stands alone and I applaud her for excelling as a Mother having lost, at such a young age, her beloved Father…Elvis.

Though Elvis fans will form their own opinions, 99.9% on opinions not put into context or taking into consideration the fact that Elvis loved each of these individuals over a period of decades, I have always supported each of these individuals endeavors and I have respect for them. They remain “living breathing witnesses” to greatness. They were loved and trusted by Elvis. They shared in his success. His failures. His depression. His deteriorating health. And most of all in his life. I encourage everyone to seek out these individuals and support their endeavors for time holds no guarantees.

Outside of these few are those who have given of their time – their expertise – and of their passion by writing books, in context, about Elvis. Such is the case with Alanna Nash. I have read her books about Elvis knowing as much about Elvis as anyone outside of the Memphis Mafia, Priscilla and/or Lisa Marie. Alanna Nash writes about all aspects of Elvis, the good and the not so good, and provides a context. I applaud her for doing so and I thank her.

It is my hope that those of my generation never take for granted those who are actual links to Elvis. For Elvis himself often questioned, his friends and of God, “will they remember me when I am gone”? We have never forgotten him and I hope that the answer to this questions continues to be a resounding….YES.

Elvis was more than an image. More than a persona. He was a man who achieved greatness, in every avenue he pursued, while having his own self doubts and temperament. He was, of course, imperfect but he was unique and he used the talents he was blessed with and he shared it with the world. His story would be incomplete had it not of been for the inclusiveness of these individuals whom I have specified herein. I hope that they never stop sharing their memories. Sharing their time. And sharing their talents. For we lost enough on August 16, 1977.

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs

Portrait of my love (by Jeff Schrembs 2013 All Rights Reserved)


I love this song so, naturally, I play it over and over and over…you get it.


Anyway while recovering from 2 surgeries I put together this photo montage.


I dedicate this to; Alanna Nash, Sandi Pichon, Martine on FB, and all the women of quality who knew Elvis.  I keep each of you in my prayers and you hold a place in my heart (which is quite the accomplishment as my heart has been shattered). May God bless you all.





Jeff Schrembs