Review of Geraldo Rivera’s tv program “Elvis at 80”

I recently watched this one hour special that aired on November 28, 2014.

My reaction(s) are:

There was way too much about Elvis’ drug addiction.

The Jerry Schilling interview was sincere but there was an answer, pertaining to members of the Memphis Mafia, that (I am sure) was hard for Jerry to answer but came across as (a) not in full context and (b) deserving of a response by those members of the Memphis Mafia. I have long held that it is long past time when the members of Elvis’ Memphis Mafia reconcile and support each other in every aspect. Every year brings (sadly) news of another death of those who were; loved by, befriended by, worked with, related to, etc. Elvis Presley.

Geraldo has a long history of Elvis expose and I can attest, firsthand, that some of Geraldo’s past comments about Elvis (an example is “I never bought into that yes mam and no mam —t”). Interestingly, during Elvis’ lifetime there was an incident whereby member of the Memphis Mafia related that “Geraldo felt snubbed by Elvis”.

They should have allowed other members of Elvis’ Memphis Mafia, other than Jerry and George, to be apart of this program even if it was only a statement.

I know that anyone/everyone in the world will be pining to do an interview about anyone pertaining to Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday being January 8, 2015. There are many people of quality (including but not limited to; Marty Lacker, Red West, Sonny West, Billy Smith, Alanna Nash, Sandie Stevens, and Sandi Pichon) involved in Elvis’ life, onstage and off, and their input should be sought out in every instance.

In closing, I wish everyone a happy Hanukkah. A merry Christmas. And a Happy New Year 2015. May god bless you one and all.

Jeff Schrembs

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  1. Personally, having known Elvis for several years though I was NOT personally in his presence but a very few times…Those who come out and speak of Elvis’ drug use NEVER seem to say a word about the severe health issues he dealt with from BIRTH. And never
    publicly discussed though his “men” did know he had colon problems, he just didn’t tell them the intimate details. So they had/have no idea the amount of pain this man had, especially in the last years of his life with the stress and strain he was under trying to work and pay the salaries of all those living off him. Need I say more? Elvis carried his “cross” and didn’t complain, one “friend/employee” even said “he doesn’t feel pain like we do” and how would they know? He didn’t tell them, he knew if they knew soon the whole world would have known… Elvis was doomed from the day he was born, he was like most of us, afraid of
    undergoing such a radical and serious surgery the results of which he would live with the
    rest of his life. So he kept going, he did the last show on the road with a “ceremonial” type
    handing of the scarf to a fan; was he saying good bye? I believe so; the only way he could continue to live any type of life would have been to have the radical and sensitive surgery-
    and he just couldn’t make himself do it. I wish more of those who are so easy to buy into
    everything that’s said of him in such negative light…would consider what he was living with
    from the day of his birth, and he continued to keep trying to be ELVIS for those who cared
    so much, they came and filled every show room, bought those records and saw those “fims”.
    As for Mr. famous news/television show host…he doesn’t have the sensibility of a “rat’s ass”
    to quote one of Elvis’ favorite descriptions. Thank you for the opportunity to respond.


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