Book review of “Elvis Aaron Presley”

Elvis Aaron Presley by Alanna Nash, Billy Smith, Lamar Fike, and Marty Lacker (1996 reprint) is an excellent book.

This book can be found online as well as on


WHY you ask?


Well, I will tell you.


First and foremost these individuals were with Elvis, including Billy Smith who was Elvis’ cousin, for either (a) all of his life and/or (b) the vast majority of his life.


Secondly, Marty Lacker is an honorable honest and faithful friend of Elvis’ and been an Elvis Presley (facts both good and not so good) confidant since the early 1960s.


Lamar Fike was a funny, caring, and sincere man who never left a room before leaving his laughter/sense of humor on everyone. Sadly Lamar Fike passed away recently and our prayers remain with his family, friends and loved ones.


Billy Smith was with Elvis the day of his death and played racquetball with Elvis (as Elvis could not sleep). Sadly, Billy Smith was the last person on earth to hear/see Elvis sing a song (as Elvis played the piano which was outside his racquetball court in the same building and the song he played/sang was “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain”).


Alanna Nash is the foremost author concerning Elvis Presley. Her writings are “sourced” and her writing style leads the reader effortlessly throughout this book and each of her books.


One of the great things about Alanna Nash’s writings are that she puts things into context that may be controversial but are necessary to fully examine various aspects of Elvis’ life onstage and off.


The stories contained in this book are memorable and the individuals who wrote this book are exceptional men (individually and collectively). They were proud of being Elvis friends and they loved him…and he loved them as well.


That alone, ladies and gentlemen, is reason enough to get this book and learn more about the world’s greatest entertainer and the man himself.


Take care and God bless.

Jeff Schrembs

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