Ranking Elvis Presley’s dance scenes in film and/or in concert

Surprisingly the girls who Elvis took to prom/dances, during his high school years, said that Elvis was too shy to dance.

Those around Elvis (i.e. his trusted friends) knew he disliked to dance but he made the distinction between dancing and moving to the rhythm while performing. On stage, and in film, Elvis moved and the audience went…wild.

There are many unique moments when Elvis got caught up in the music and he let loose earning his nickname of “tiger”. Fortunately Elvis left behind numerous movies, and live concerts, whereby his talents are apparent.

I have ranked what I believe, for different reasons and in no specific order, are the top five Elvis Presley dance scenes:

Mean Woman Blues from Elvis’ movie entitled Loving You

I Got A Lot Of Living To Do from Elvis’ movie entitled Loving You

Jailhouse Rock scene from Elvis’ movie entitled Jailhouse Rock

Suspicious Minds from Elvis’ movie Elvis That’s The Way It Is

Blue Suede Shoes from Elvis’ TV special entitled “Singer presents Elvis” otherwise known as; the comeback special, the 1968 special, 68 comeback, etc.

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs


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