Elvis Presley’s longstanding relationship with St. Judes

Elvis Presley was, privately and publicly, one of the greatest charities champions that ever lived. I have written a summary about this with the following links https://elvispresleyexpert.wordpress.com/2014/11/22/elvis-presley-and-his-commitment-to-charities/. https://elvispresleyexpert.wordpress.com/2014/11/22/elvis-presley-and-his-commitment-to-charities/ http://elvis.wikia.com/wiki/Elvis_Presleys%27_Charitable_Acts

Out of the many charities Elvis supported one of his favorite charities was St. Jude’s Hospital for children in Memphis. Beginning in June 1957 Elvis appeared with Danny Thomas on stage promoted as the “Shower of Stars”. This concert was at Russwood Park in Memphis.
In 1964 Elvis purchased a yacht named “the Potomac, whose previous owner was the United States President Franklin Roosevelt. The event raised (approximately) $55,000 and the yacht was scheduled to be sold via auction with the proceeds going to St. Jude’s Hospital.

I have, through my collection of Elvis for (approximately) six decades now, so many personal stories about Elvis; reading a newspaper and finding out that a family had lost a parent, performing sold out concerts and donating the proceeds to victims of tornadoes, going to a home of a disabled teen and personally delivering a wheel chair Elvis bought, writing checks each year for (approximately) 100 charities, buying brand new cars for strangers, going to hospitals and visiting with patients especially children, allowing his image – time – wealth – etc. to be associated with several major charities including national promotional campaigns raising thousands upon thousands of dollars (i.e. Polio, March of Dimes, St. Jude’s, etc.) giving away his jewelry to strangers and/or those in need,  and/or hearing about a family or a person in need and immediately writing a check. Also, I have rare photographs of Elvis in many of these interactions as well as those close to him, and/or those who were with him at the time, confirming that Elvis put a brave face on in front of the patients but afterward breaking down in tears along with praying for them and their families.

Recently I received a handwritten letter, in response to a small donation I made, thanking me which included several promotional materials, notepad, address labels, etc. I wish I could do much more for St. Jude’s and other deserving charities for as I type these words there are people dealing with sicknesses around the world. My heart, and prayers, go out to them and their loved ones. It is my reverent hope, and prayer, that there comes a time when those with illnesses are cured and that the pain(s) of those ill, and their loved ones, are minimize and substituted with strength.

The Commercial Appeal, a Memphis newspaper, recently had a great article about St. Jude’s which included Elvis’ involvement. The link is http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/local-news/st-jude-through-the-years

Here are a few corresponding photographs which I hope you enjoy.

1957 Elvis bending down little girl kissing him March of Dimes 1957 Elvis holding fight cancer poster 1962 Elvis handing out checks Memphis chariTY Elvis on boat given to DannyThomasStJude Elvis with Danny Thomas St Jude ship pressconference Elvis with Danny Thomas St. Jude color Elvis with Danny Thomas St. Jude in front of boat Elvis with Danny Thomas St. Jude legs extended Elvis with Danny Thomas StJude fulllength images StJude LOGO

Lastly, here is a photograph which resides at St. Jude’s engraved in marble in appreciation of Elvis’ longstanding relationship with St. Jude’s. I don’t know why but, for some reason(s), this photograph makes me sad.

WM DOCUMENT Elvis Presley engraved stone on door StJudes Hospital

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs – 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



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  1. Julie Anne

     /  September 14, 2017

    Elvis was beautiful on the inside and out god bless him and all those poorly children x

  1. Elvis Facebook Group to Raise Money for St. Jude through Valentine’s Day 2018 – TCB Radio Network

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