Prayer request for Sonny West and Family

ImagePraying for Sonny West’s complete recovery:

There are (sadly) reports that Sonny West has been hospitalized and is undergoing urgent medical care at the hospital. Needless to say, this news saddens us and our; thoughts, prayers, and support goes out to Sonny West and to his beloved family and friends. May God bless you and watch over you during this time of need.


Please join us in offering your; condolences, prayers, thoughts, support, etc. for Sonny West – his family – Sandi Pichon – Red West – etc,. 


Sonny West is an irreplaceable part of Elvis’ life and we have the utmost respect for him, Red West, Sandi Pichon, and their respected family members.


The facts are that Elvis loved Sonny, and Red, for the majority of his adult life and the time to solely focus on the “regrets” (which I believe all parties endured) OR a specific event in time…has long passed.


These men loved Elvis and their place in Elvis’ life, onstage and off, is deserving of our; respect, appreciation, understanding, and acknowledgment. They were with Elvis almost 24/7 for (approximately) three decades. That in itself is honorable and only they truly know the sacrifices that they made through August 16, 1977…and each moment hereafter.


Thus I say THANK YOU to Sonny West, Red West, Sandi Pichon and to each of their family members for all they have shared (and equally as important what they have kept to themselves for they are entitled to their memories and opinions) with Elvis Presley Fans all these years.


Please GET WELL SONNY and we will be praying for your full recovery.


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