Status of and Jeffrey Schrembs

RELEASE ISSUED:     May 16, 2012

We are pleased to announce that is being converted from Office Live to Office 365 and should be fully converted by May 30, 2012. This conversion has caused interruptions in our website page viewing, the content being visible, the audio and video files disabled, and access to our email accounts to be denied. We appreciate your patience and we will issue email responses throughout the next few weeks knowing that there will be delays in sending and receiving which is unavoidable. Nonetheless progress is being made along with enhancements, and improvements, which we believe will make us the premier Elvis Presley Collector, and Fan, Website on the Internet.

Also, is in the beta testing phase and should be fully operational by the fall of 2012. You can become a member for free and start sharing, posting, listening to audio and video files, etc. right now. Individuals who become members now, and refer ten people who themselves become members, will receive numerous benefits including an 8 x 10 limited edition numbered certificate that is not only beautiful but will be highly sought after. We encourage everyone to take advantage of becoming a member now.

On a personal note concerning Mr. Jeff Schrembs he asked us to convey his deep felt appreciation, thanks, love, etc. to everyone who has; written, emailed, posted words of support and encouragement, etc. these past few weeks We are all hoping that Jeff will be feeling well enough to return and share his unique insights. He has been humbled and deeply moved by each and every one of you so please continue to keep him in your thoughts and your prayers.

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