Memphis Mafia Members Joe Esposito & Sonny West need Elvis’ Fans’ Support (by Jeff Schrembs)

Here is a link to an article about Joe Esposito and his endeavors to raise money for his wife who (sadly) has Cancer:

Joe Esposito, and his wife/family/friends/etc., are in our prayers and thoughts and any monetary donation would be greatly appreciated.

On another note Sonny West, who has recently been hospitalized, is having a benefit to raise money for his medical bills. Again, Sonny West and his wife/family/friends/etc. are in our thoughts and prayers and here is a link giving the details:

Over these past (approx) six decades of being, first and foremost, and Elvis Presley Fan I have found that Elvis Fans are the most educated and loyal fans of any entertainer (past or present). When Elvis Presley Fans unite…everything is possible.

It is my hope, and my prayer(s), that Elvis Fans Worldwide will (a) spread the news concerning Joe Esposito and his wife and Sonny West Benefit and (b) donate whatever they can monetarily. Life is so short and these men, and their family members, have given so much to Elvis Fans Worldwide.

Take care and may God bless you.
Jeff Schrembs

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