Collecting Elvis Presley Memorabilia (by Jeffrey Schrembs 2011 All Rights Reserved)

Congratulations on your desire/intent to start, continue, etc. collecting Elvis Presley Memorabilia!

We are pleased to have the opportunity to help you, via our online articles, and responding to any specific questions. We have been collecting “all things Elvis” since 1970 and have in excess of 135,000 individual Elvis Presley items. However, the “beauty” of collecting Elvis Presley items is that (a) it is never boring (b) new things are always forthcoming (c) there are so many categories – sub categories to chose from and (d) there are many “resources” to turn to for questions/fun/advice/etc.

Whatever your “passion” is, for Elvis, odds are that you can find it Online, or use a Seach Engine, and even on EBay We have always taken the position that “quality trumphs quantity”. Now, that may sound “hypocritical” coming from a collection in excess of 135,000 but hey…we have been doing this NOT as a “revenue stream”…but from the heart.

Here are some specific categories pertaining to Elvis Presley Memorabilia:

Photos – Do yourself a favor and check out anything/everything by Ed Bonja. Also, check out KingCandids. Both of these sources hand personal, first hand, and ongoing relationships with Elvis during his lifetime. Elvis was the most photographed person…ever so there are so many options in this category but (again) when you have the combination of QUALITY, as you do with Ed Bonja and KingCandids, you are “ahead of the game” (so to speak).

Memorabilia – Paul Litcher is a WONDERFUL source at ElvisUnique. Paul is an ELVIS AUTHORITY and has been for many many years now. We are eternally thankful to Paul Litcher as we have used his books, starting in the 70’s, as a “bible” for cross referencing/authenticating Elvis Presley Memorabilia.

Autographs – PLEASE ensure that only after you have “crossed all of your T’s and dotted all of your I’s”, concerning Elvis Presley, before you ever start to TRY to collect/invest in this “category”. There are a few, in our opinion, “legit” sources for “authentication” (including but not limited to the aforementioned Paul Litcher) concering Elvis’ autographs (excluding any photographs that were issued/imprinted with salutations such as “Sincerely, Elvis Presley – which was very common with RCA, Boxcar, Colonel Parker, etc.).

Records – Our priority would be 78’s followed by 33’s LP (stands for Long Play) followed by 33’s followed by 45’s followed by CD’s followed by cassettes followed by 8-tracks. Our “time frame” priorities would be 1954-1959, then 1969, then 1970-1973, then 1967-1968, then 1960-1962, then 1963-1966, then 1977, then 1976, then 1974, then 1975. But, again, you should “follow your heart” OR in this case “ear” for what YOU like.

Books/DVD’s/CD’s – It may not be “cool”, according to some but there is nothing “wrong” – and everything “right” about going against the grain, but your local Library is a GREAT place to start. Several of our Libraries offer, in addition to books of course, the ability to check out (for weeks at a time) DVD’s and CD’s about Elvis Presley. When you find the items that you “can’t live without”, and we CAUTION you here because it may be that everything you hear/read about Elvis you “can’t live without”, then (a) confirm that you have the monetary means – without harming your financial resources – FIRST and FOREMOST and if so then (b) go to an Online Vendor such as EBay – do a product search – and then buy it! If you find an item you really want, but it is just a bit out of your budget, then see IF the Seller allows you to “make an offer”. If so, then make sure that you review the shipping/handling charges, and disclosures, in addition to the price itself.

Misc – Anything by Joe Esposito is a MUST! Joe was Elvis’ best friend, co-worker, and just a wonderful asset who we are THANKFUL was in Elvis’ life and continues to share his experiences with Elvis fans. Priscilla Presley wrote an honest, heart-felt, and memorable book entitled “Elvis and Me”. June Juanica, who was Elvis love starting in 1955, also is a big THUMBS UP (both the book and the DVD). Anything written/authored/available for sale by Marty Lacker should be at the TOP of any list for Elvis Presley. Marty Lacker is an honest, wonderful, and sincere man as well as being an irrecplaceable asset to the Elvis Community.

There are various books, etc. by the (renowned) “Memphis Mafia” but, in our opinion, the books written by Marty Lacker, Joe Esposito, Billy Smith, Lamar Fike, and Jerry Schilling are wonderful and should be sought out, purchased, read, and treasured. Each of these men were friends of Elvis’ and worked with Elvis for many years. Sonny West also is a great source as well. Lastly, Charlie Hodge and Lamar Fike(both who sadly passed away) left us with several “insightful” items as well.

The “hard truth” about collecting Elvis Presley items is that very few of us will ever have the “monetary means” to actually OWN things like Elvis jumpsuits, original jewerly, automobiles, personal effects, etc. But collecting Elvis memorabilia (again) should be “from the heart” and if it makes you happy, and it’s legal, then great. There are so many Elvis items available that one could NEVER own everything (contrary to what other’s have stated) and it would be (virtually) impossible.
Elvis left us (3) three decades of works (i.e. music, movies, etc.) so you have alot of things to choose from.

Lastly, THANK YOU for being an Elvis Presley Fan and good luck starting, or enhancing, your Elvis Presley Memorabilia Collection. God bless and take care.

Jeffrey Schrembs

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