Elvis was raw

Yeah I said it

Elvis was raw and from 1956-1958 the world witnessed it as they did in 1968 and 1969.

But, through the beauty of video and audio recordings, we can see it and hear it for ourselves.

You want the polished Elvis? Well, Toodie there never would have been any type of polished Elvis without the raw Elvis and the raw Elvis was the driving force. The basking in the martial arts, the legendary anger that warranted his nickname “fire-eyes”, and his ability to send you to the roof with energy, and yeah he did that all his life, but down back again with his ballads but behind those blue/brown/green eyes was always a fuse and onstage and before tv cameras it was lit. Gloriously lit.

Here is my top 7 Elvis raw examples in no order;

Tiger man


Hound Dog (1956, 1957)

Baby, I don’t care

Mean woman blues

Shake, rattle, and roll

WM Elvis with fruthters rare canddiWM CHILDHOOD RARE Elvis standing with Gladys VernonWM 1971 Elvis with sweets RARERERRERERERERERERERWM 1970 Houston Livestock show Elvis onstage rareraerearerareaWM 1969 Elvis with Prisiclla RAREnbrownWM 1967 Elvis with Priscilla RARE E playhin cigarWM 1956 RARE candid Elvis wearing Brando hat quite the look


PS:   Contrary to John Lennon’s statement of “the Army killed Elvis”, aaaggghhhhh, what is a truth is that the Army caused Gladys to die (sooner) and her death killed Elvis in many ways but what was left – and what was to come – would be utter magic and he is missed. Man, he is missed.


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  1. He’s still with us. The “Image” dies NOT the Man.

  1. Elvis was raw | Elvis Presley

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