Singers Elvis Presley admired

Elvis had a unique style whether it was in his singing, his concerts, his acting roles, his voice, his mannerisms, and even the clothes he wore. Simply put Elvis was…cool.

Some of the singers that Elvis Presley listened to and/or admired were; J.D. Sumner, Blackwood Brothers, Dean Martin, Mario Lanza, Caruso, Tom Jones, Barbara Streisand (note: Elvis and Priscilla went to her concert in Las Vegas in 1969 and not only did they enjoy it but it gave Elvis some ideas about his Las Vegas act being: the room size, acoustics, audience interaction, lighting, etc. Worth noting is that Streisand did not sell out the 2,000 seat showroom and it was thought that “if Barbara can’t sell it out no one could” and yet not only did Elvis sell out every show of his 30 day run in Vegas but he did two shows a day and on rare occasions three shows a day), Andy Williams, Hank Williams, Roy Orbinson, Charlie Rich, Ronnie Milsap, the Gatlin Brothers, the Imperials, Millie Kirkland, Kathy Westmoreland, the Blossoms, the Sweet Inspirations, and others that I will detail in future posts.

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Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs

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