Elvis thoughts March 2016

Elvis’ 80th birthday was about 2 months ago and Elvis week, during August, is a summer away.

http://www.Elvis.com is always updating and should be a “go to” for Elvis fans.

I am getting (shocker) older and I feel it more and more each day. So much of the world I grew up with is…gone. We are the last generation that had a foothold in Elvis’ life onstage and off. And (sadly) each passing year those who knew Elvis the best have passed away. Alot to swallow in this one sentence.

Elvis was a pioneer.

Elvis was a son.

Elvis was a singer.

Elvis liked to play the piano.

Elvis did not read music.

Elvis went through the majority of his career recording without headphones which is commonplace today. Interesting on the rock documentary “Elvis on Tour” there is a scene when Elvis comments, in the recording session with JD Sumner and the stamps quartet, and he is wearing headphones and says “boy it’s hard to get used to this headphones” (note: I am going by memory so please excuse me if it is not verbatim).

Elvis was…Elvis.

‘Nuff said.

Jeff Schrembs

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