Elvis Presley sunglasses & jewelry photos

Throughout Elvis’ life, after he became successful, he spent some of his hard earned money on jewelry for himself and, as he did so many other times, for others.

One of the most poignant stories concerning Elvis and jewelry is that Elvis took his mother, Gladys Love (Smith) Presley, shopping and told her “anything you want”. Instead of the largest, or fanciest, jewelry Gladys picked out some beautiful, yet simple, pieces.

Due to the hard life she endured, the poverty and never ending hardships, she was always worried that things would change and they would be without monetary means again.

Elvis’ reaction to the jewelry Gladys picked out was to show her more expensive items and said “it’s ok momma you deserve it”. But when he saw her hands shaking, and a look in her eyes that he was witnessed as a child, he immediately kissed her forehead and told her he loved her and only her and told the owner of the store “we will take these”.

Some of the items from that day remain in Gladys’ jewelry box which he kept in her room at Graceland. I have several photographs, and an inventory list, and it is clear that Gladys cherished every item and she had several items with similar themes.

One of the beautiful things about Gladys Love (Smith) Presley, and there are many aspects of that are truly beautiful both visually and in deeds, is that she loved her son Elvis. She loved Elvis from the second he was born, and he was born second with his twin brother born first but sadly was “stillborn” (meaning born dead), and she put all of her life lessons – hopes – dreams – and love into Elvis.

The multi-talented author Alanna Nash has written about the relationship between Elvis and Gladys in her books. I enjoyed all of the books authored by Alanna Nash and I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to know more about Elvis and his life onstage and off. Since she went directly to the firsthand sources, in each of her books about Elvis, her books contain facts and stories about the Presley family and those who were there throughout their lives.

Elvis (literally) gave jewelry, worth (at the time) tens of thousands of dollars at a time, to fans – friends – loved ones – coworkers – relatives – etc. Elvis loved giving and helping. I have written several articles about Elvis and his charitable endeavors and for every story that was made public, about Elvis and his charitable acts, there are many more that he did without fanfare. Elvis gave material items but they originated not from diamonds or gold or craftsman but from his heart. He gave because he could and he gave because it was a way to share his good fortune. Even though I have hundreds upon hundreds of stories, with photographs, about Elvis’ giving each story is inspiring and, in this way and in many others, Elvis made this world a better place.

Here are a few photographs of jewelry, and sunglasses, that Elvis purchased.

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Take care and may God bless you.

  • posted with the expressed permission of Mr. Jeff Schrembs




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