Ginger Alden releases book “Elvis and Ginger”

Ginger Alden was Elvis Presley’s girlfriend the day (sadly) in which he died August 16, 1977.

There are many who argue, and have strong positions, about the relationship between Elvis and Ginger but the facts are that only Elvis and Ginger truly knew how much they cared for and/or were committed to one another.

If Elvis didn’t want her around, let alone to trust to oversee while he slept due to having chronic sleep apnea – sleep walking – insomnia – etc., you can rest assured that they wouldn’t have been around.

Out of respect for Lisa Marie I have refrained from delving too much into Elvis’ two “main” girlfriends after his divorce was final on October 9, 1973 being Linda Thompson and then Ginger Alden. However they did play significant roles in Elvis’ life onstage and off.

Here is an interesting interview via YouTube video. 

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