Fun facts about Elvis Presley Christmas Albums

Elvis. Elvis Presley. No matter which name you use 99.9% of the public will know of who you speak. When it comes to Elvis collecting I have written about the “in’s and out’s” for decades. I encourage you to seek out my blogs and to visit However, when it comes to Elvis and Christmas (his favorite holiday) the two go together like…Elvis and Christmas. There are a few collectibles, pertaining to Elvis and Christmas, that every collector should have as these were issued during his lifetime (i.e. January 8, 1935 through August 16, 1977). The first is to own each of his Christmas Albums and by the magic of this blog…here they are (note the following stats are correct but the author is unknown):

1957 Elvis ´Christmas album LOC-1035 / Usa   # 1      Released in the US October 1957 Original United States  and available through 1959. It is widely recognized as the best Elvis and RCA venture. When the record was released in a single pocket sleeve with a different cover.(see also lpm-1951 pictured below).. It was the last Elvis Presley album released before Elvis left for his service in the US Army.


1959 Elvis ´Christmas album LPM-1958 / Usa was reissued in 1957 with alternate picture cover.   1970 Elvis ´Christmas album United States version charted in Billboard: Usa  #1


1970 Elvis ´ Christmas album cas-2426 / Usa (reissue 1975) This album was reissued in 1975 on the record label “Pickwick”

1971 Elvis sings the wonderful world of Christmas anl1-1936 / Usa charted to # 2. 

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