August 16, 2012 Elvis Presley died 35 years ago (by Jeff Schrembs)

In a few weeks (i.e. August 16, 2012) Elvis fans worldwide will pay their respects in various ways in remembrance of Elvis death of August 16, 1977. To certain individuals (i.e. Lisa Marie, Red West, Sonny West, Marty Lacker, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling, etc.) this day will be one of heartfelt reflection as they lost someone they; knew, loved, and in may ways looked up to. Our thoughts, and prayers, go out to each of them.
The events of August 16, 1977 and the weeks following were a plethora of emotions; depression, uncontrollably crying, denial, hurt, despondent, angry, and most of all the questions of…”why”. Why did Elvis die? The answer to that question has been debated, speculated, and discussed for decades now.
The facts are that the weeks of August 1977 were days that Elvis spent worrying, planning, self reflecting, and dealing with the very real (and serious) medical issues (i.e. mental, physical, emotional, etc.). Sadly Elvis  health had deteriorated  since 1972.
Many people point out that this was due to his divorce/separation or the knowledge that his mother had died in August of 1958 (and he thought she was 42 the same age that Elvis was during August of 1977) or the tolls of constant touring. I believe that it was a combination of factors and that he had a broken heart further damaged by the knowledge that his beloved Lisa Marie was to grow up separated (physically) away from Elvis. This was a “nightmare” that Elvis had never believed possible and it adversely affected him in immeasurable ways.
However, I believe the answer to “why did Elvis die?” was that God determined it was his time.
I know making this statement will “offend some” but as a man of God I never expound on the “whys and ifs” but instead on the life the person lead – their accomplishments – their dreams – their hopes – their passions – their fears – their loves – their efforts – and their circle of family/friends, etc.
August 16, 1977 was a sad day for me yet as I type these words I am saddened when I learn that people who loved Elvis, and Elvis loved them, are under attack in stead of being acknowledged, supported, respected, and still do not have a “formal and consistent presence” within EPE.
While August 16th will be a day that Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide will remember it is my hope that they, and generations to come, will honor the life that Elvis lead the other 364 days of the year. For Elvis shared his passions, his talents, and his hopes and dreams with the world and we are better off for it. There is a beauty and an honor in what Elvis did and the life lesson that he achieved so much being born (monetarily) into so “little” is a story of inspiration.
I hope that other Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide will support the sentiments specified herein and join me in celebrating the life of Elvis Presley…and those who were integral parts of his life who still remain with us.
Take care and may God bless you.
Jeff Schrembs

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