Fathers Day 2012 by Jeff Schrembs

Father’s Day 2012.

For me it is a bittersweet day.

I can recall the moment in which the pregnancy was confirmed for each of my children. I can recall the months of praying, hoping, and dreaming that the child (and their mother) would both be…safe and healthy. I can recall the joy in seeing my children for the first time and the beauty of seeing them in their mother’s arms, while tears streamed down the mothers face, where they belonged.

I love, have loved, and always will love each of my children. Not a moment of a day goes by that I don’t think about them – pray for them – miss them – love them – and a thankful for them. They are each (truly) beautiful in all areas (the mind, body, spirit, and soul) and I thank God for each of them.

I hope that on this day, and the other 364 days of the year, that my children (and every child) is acknowledged and given love and support. I hope that they are encourage and accepted. That they are appreciated and given the tools to achieve. I hope that they pursue the talents bestowed upon them from God and that they are never afraid, or ashamed, to…try. Even when it is the darkest hour and all seems lost that they continue to try and remember that God created them for a reason…and he doesn’t make mistakes.

Whatever I am doing. Wherever I am. I will be thinking of my children.

Father’s Day 2012 will come and go but true love is eternal.

The love that I have for each of my children will never waiver nor will it be diminished by time or distance. No matter how “grown” they become they will always be my children and their mothers deserving of my respect.

To some it will be a day just like any other.

To some it will be a day of reflection of those who have left this World having passed away.

To some it will be pain knowing that the relationship is strained and so much pain has come that the scar tissue keeps binding the wounds…but not healing.

To some it will be that contact is limited by a glass pane or bars or both.

To some it will be the silence that exists whether it is caused by Court orders, lies, truths, or the actions/inactions never knowing the path they were on would end up in an abyss surrounded by darkness and tears.

To others it will be a meal shared by family members and the exchange of cards or presents. Cameras will record the events and videos and photographs sent wirelessly or email or via mail.

To far too many it will be a time when the reality of War takes those far away and the hope of a safe return triumphs the novelty of the day.

Regardless of which, or a combination of, of these examples are applicable the point is that without Fathers (and being a Father is not limited to just whose genetics brought life to each child). Being a Father means sacrifice, unconditional love, and eternal prayers for good health – happiness – and a long life (for all of God’s children).

Father’s Day 2012 would otherwise go “unnamed”, and thus Father’s not having a special day of their own, and more importantly without Fathers life itself would cease to exist. It remains my hope, and prayers, that Fathers everywhere are afforded the respect – love – appreciation – understanding – and forgiveness that brings upon us the honor as ordained by God…and is deserving.

May this day be one of happiness, beloved memories, and a commitment that life is not about forgetting the days that have come before but the promise of better days ahead.

Lastly, to those whose Fathers have passed away I wish, and pray for you, that this day is one of peace and remembrance.

May God bless you all. Jeff Schrembs

PS: This video makes me laugh so I attached it.
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