Three Steps To Elvis Presley Game (by Jeff Schrembs 2012 All Rights Reserved)

There is a well known “game” entitled “six degrees of separation Kevin Bacon” or something similar. However, you can connect Elvis to just about anyone in three steps (excluding starting from Elvis).

Here is an example. Let’s say you want to connect Brad Pitt to Elvis.

STEP # 1 – Elvis to Telly Salavas (Telly bought a home Elvis owned in 1975).

STEP # 2 – Telly Salavas is Jennifer Aniston’s godfather

STEP # 3 – Jennifer Aniston dated Brad Pitt.

Get the picture? Give it a try and if you get stuck then ADMIT YOUR STUCK AND ASK FOR HELP. That’s the rules as I made this game up. Enjoy.

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