January 8 2012 is Elvis Presleys’ 77th birthday

Sunday, January 8, 2012 will be the 77th birthday of Elvis Aron Presley. It is simultaneously a day worthy of acknowledging and a day of sadness as it reminds us; what we lost when Elvis died on August 16 1977 and that our firsthand witness to greatness/history would be…no more.

On this day I say to the Presley Family, EPE, Marty Lacker, Red West, Sonny West, Sandi Pichon, Billy Smith, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling, etc. and to their family members; THANK YOU and may God bless you in all of your endeavors.

I have always believed that what we do in this life has direct consequences when our life is over. That we are not constrained by our physical presence herein this World. That our essence is defined by our very soul which is our true “compass” to what is right, what is wrong, and what is true.

With that in mind I know that where ever Elvis is that he is surrounded by those who loved him, gave birth to him, were related to him, and befriended him. I have always wished that time could be “rewound” so that Elvis truly knew, in this spirit and in his soul, the impact he made on people’s lives and how much they cared for him and appreciated what he did onstage and off.

Some of my favorite stories, photos, audio files, video’s, etc. about Elvis are the most…simplstick. Elvis bending down to speak to a child, Elvis posing with children sickened by Polio, Elvis willingly participating in supporting Cancer research, Elvis reaching down from the stage to hold a beautiful little blind girl while he Mothers arms reach up.

I have always put great faith in the instinctual ability of children to be aware of other people’s intent and this “aura”. Watching Elvis throughout his life gravitate towards children, stop what he was doing to spend time with them, to pose with pictures with them, and the intensity of the interaction between Elvis and children was – is – and forever will remain….priceless. It is a sincerity and a purity of heart that sadly is far too lacking in society today.

Elvis was not a “perfect person” by any means. That is not a slight against him it is just a fact. The only perfect person ever to walk this Earth ended up crucified on a cross after being beaten beyond recognition 21012 years ago. I make this point because there should be a balance and a context when we speak about, or in this case write about, individuals and we should never manuever around the facts but embrace them for in doing so gives us an honest accord as well as a place of “agreement” in which to start honest debates.

Inasmuch as I am a diehard fan of Elvis I would trade it all in to spend just one moment with one of my loved ones who has died. I would trade it all in to be able to hold my children and to tell them I love them. For each child, I believe, is a blessing from God and that the day of their birth IS a special day for they, in whole and in part, are special. To anyone who knew Elvis they would agree that Elvis would have gladly given up his fame, and fortune, if he could have his beloved Mother Gladys with him again. That is one of the reasons why I have been an “Elvis Fan” for these (approximately) six decades now.

More important than the cakes, the wraped presents, or the location is the relationship while we are in each others presence and, equally as important, when we are not. The wisdom of the saying of “the only time mankind can fully comprehend, and therefore manage, is the present”. So, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY # 77 Elvis”!

To Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide this is a bittersweet day but one worthy of celebration. The man was truly “one of a kind” and if the measure of a person is the intensity in which others care about them then Elvis, as he was in life, remains…the greatest.

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs

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