The Memphis Mafia Members August 16, 2011 by Jeffrey Schrembs

August 16, 2011 will (sadly) be the 34th year since Elvis’ passing. Inasmuch as Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide will travel to Memphis and/or acknowledge this date on a personal level (including online) I wanted to take this moment to reach out to those who Elvis loved, trusted, respected, and (most of all) chose to spend his time with….each member of the “Memphis Mafia” (and to their family members as well).
To: Marty Lacker, Billy Smith, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling, Red West, Sonny West, etc. (aka: each and every member of the Memphis Mafia), and to each of their family members, I just wanted to say;
1. THANK YOU for all of your efforts while Elvis was alive and each day afterward.
2. THANK YOU for all of your time that you have spent correcting the record about Elvis and for “calling it as you see/know it”.
3. THANK YOU for caring so much about Elvis and standing with him during his lifetime.
4. THANK YOU for your endeavors (both personal and professional).
5. THANK YOU for keeping so many memories and posessions with you (i.e. not made public)…where they belong.
August 16th of every year, like most days I am sure, must be “difficult” to say the least. It remains my hope that with each passing year fans will reach out and join me in saying their hearfelt THANKS. You are living breathing priceless irreplacable men who share a bond that will never be broken.
As an Elvis Presley Fan, these (approximately) six decades, I respect and appreciate each of you…and always will.
Take care and may God bless you and your family members now…and always.
Jeff Schrembs
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