I recently watched a “re-run” on VH1 about the “100 Greatest Artists of all time”. Having never heard of this program before, but knowing the history of VH1 and MTV and others in the “mindless minion media”, I watched it hoping that it would be based upon facts. When I saw that they had Elvis Presley ranked as “eighth” I reminded myself about the inherit bias against Elvis that (sadly) remains. However, the same media who try to “re-write” history about Elvis and/or try to minimize his influence and thus his success always find a way to make money off of his name. Such is the case with VH1.
Many of the singers, and bands, that were in the top 20 deserved to be there. However, for every “reason” given for artists/bands to be in the top 100 or top 10 or even number 1 Elvis met/exceeded these artist/bands in the same category (i.e. influence, record sales, number of hits, etc.). Any rational person, using the FACTS versus the hype and/or political correctness, would have to agree that Elvis Presley is/was/forever will be the greatest entertainer/artist who ever lived…period.
To add “salt to the wound” when the Beatles were awarded “number 1” they allowed a comment, while attempting to justify the Beatles being number 1, of: “Everyone before and after the Beatles were influenced by the Beatles”. I am sure that (sadly) far too many VH1 viewers would just nod their heads and believe that what was said was true and yet nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone of the Beatles, from the time they first played to long after they broke up, credited Elvis Presley with being the greatest influence to them. In fact, John Lennon said it perfectly when he said “before Elvis there was nothing”.
Elvis sold more records, had more number 1 hits, had more top ten hits, and had a much longer career than the Beatles. Even after Elvis’ passing, sadly on August 16 1977, Elvis has  “outsold” the Beatles every year since his passing (in record sales) except one year when the Beatles “re-released” their catalog.
These facts (apparently) mean nothing to VH1 and it seemed like VH1 structured their “poll”, and the episode(s) that aired on VH1, to not only minimize Elvis’ accomplishments but also wanted to gloss over Elvis’ influence. Inasmuch as Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide continue to support the life, and legacy, of Elvis Presley when it comes to ‘standing up” for Elvis publicly and demanding that the facts about Elvis be told Elvis Presley Fans have “fallen short” in this aspect. It is long past time when Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide started to DEMAND that the facts about Elvis, and thus the proper respect/appreciation/accolades/etc., be presented….accurately…every time.
Watching this VH1 charade reminded me that during Elvis’ lifetime he was never given the amount of respect, by the press and by his own peers, for his talents. In fact Elvis’ only Grammy Awards were for his Gospel Album/performances. This was not an “oversight” by the Grammys, or every other member of the press/award shows, never to give Elvis the awards that he earned and that he deserved.
99.9% of the “artists” (note: I want to exclude Country Music and Gospel Music from this statement)  today use digital enhancements because they can’t sing or they can’t sing well. If they were required to sing LIVE, as Elvis Presley did from 1969 until 1977 and every concert venue was SOLD OUT, and move around (and Elvis moved like no one before or after) they would sound like…sub par amateurs.
These “artists” rely on tricks to entertain their audience. From having background dancers, to light shows, to special effects, etc. they do everything but sing and they do this because they CAN’T sing and if the audience heard them really sing it would be a debacle.
Elvis Presley sounded EXCELLENT in Concert with no enhancements. Elvis kept his lights, manned by his long time friend Lamar Fike who (sadly) recently passed away, to a handful of colors. Elvis had a great band, great backup singers, and a great orchestra and each of these TRUE artists have said that “Elvis’ musical/vocal abilities were the best they ever heard”. They also make note of Elvis concert appearances as being “out of this World”. I happen to agree with them not because I am an Elvis Presley Fan, and I am, but because it is a FACT and facts do matter regardless of if it is a conversation “one on one” or a written blog or even if it is on TV and that includes VH1.
I guess that asking VH1, and much of the media/press/music business, to state the facts is asking too much. I realize that VH1 doesn’t care about the facts, and they are entitled to their opinion, but to be a “music channel” and to dismiss/minimize the talents and accomplishments of the greatest musician/singer/artist/performer ever (whether it is in this “poll” or 24/7) in the case of Elvis Presley?
VH1, the Grammys, and many other members of the press and the music “industry” facts are not important. Perhaps when they are held accountable, by Elvis Presley Fans or just individuals who want the truth, then they will put as much emphasis into the truth as they do into hyping other “artists” who are (wholly) inferior to the many talents of Elvis Presley. This isn’t to disrespect other “artists” but simply to state the facts and facts should matter even when it comes to VH1.
“Nuff said”.
Take care and may God bless you.
Jeff Schrembs
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