Elvis Presleys’ fears about his legacy by Jeff Schrembs (2011 All Rights Reserved)

Elvis’ fears about his legacy and his fans (2011 by Jeff Schrembs All Rights Reserved)

Throughout Elvis’ life, beginning with his severe asthma and his sleep apena/sleep walking, he feared that he would never outlive “momma”. When Gladys died (sadly) on August 14, 1958 Elvis believed that she was 42 years old but she was really 46.
On at least ten documented occassions, from 1943 until 1977, Elvis openly wept recalling the knowledge that he would not live past the age of his “Stan-in” (i.e. his beloved Gladys).
As August of 1977 approached Elvis had undergone great trials and tribultions. His (very real) medical conditions were worsening, and even his vacation in Hawaii had to be cut short due to an injury to his eye, and his mental/emotional well being was in a free fall. Part of this was due to the investigation into the purchase of a plane (yes it is/was a real threat and Elvis life and Vernons were threatened) and the book “Elvis What Happened”. Elvis was not feeling well, not eating well, and worried about his fans and his legacy. During the last week of his life he asked those closest to him “will my fans remember me when I am gone”?

Elvis’ own handwriten notes, which I will be releasing jpegs of in the immediate future (watermarked of course) on www.ElvisCollector.info,, mirror his sadness and his struggles. Throughout it all he put his faith in God and asked for forgiveness and guidance.

On August 16, 1977 Elvis (sadly) passed away and the media catfish (warranted nickname) began their horrendous stories about Elvis all the while making fun of his weight and his accomplishments. It was as if all of those who ranted about Elvis in the 1950’s now said “GOTCHA” and/or “he was too good to be true”. The negative press was unrelenting and some untrue stories remain to this day.
Fortunately, through Priscillas’ efforts with Jack Soden EPE became viable and Elvis’ legacy secured. Elvis fans should never minimize what she accomplished and I could write a 100 page article detailing all they endured and accomplished. Most of all Lisa Marie Presley would be financially secure as was Elvis intentions when he, out of the blue, updated his will in August of 1977.
Far too many times we nit-pick facts about Elvis and try to “one up” each other. I wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to Elvis Fans Worldwide – to the Memphis Mafia Members and their family – to EPE – to Priscilla – and to Lisa Marie.
Here in 2011 Elvis’ legacy, good worths, and his honest efforts are being appreciated…more than ever. It would have been nice to be able to PROVE to Elvis, all the times he questioned his legacy and what the Fans would think after he died, that all of his worries were…for naught. Fortunately, I believe that Elvis is with Gladys, Vernon, Dodger, Jesse, and many others of faith and that he…”knows” now how much he meant to us both as numbered in the millions…and as individuals online.
THANK YOU again and may God bless you all.
Jeffrey Schrembs

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